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Northern Cemeteries and Graves

An Explorer's Guide to Atlin, British Columbia

The Atlin Pioneer Cemetery, BC

by Murray Lundberg

Pioneer Cemetery, Atlin, BC

    We have not yet found a definitive list of people buried here, and there is confusion between this cemetery and the one opened in 1948. The names below that have links are the gravesites whose markers have been photographed and posted so far. We have also posted a list of 457 people who are recorded as having died in the Atlin area - see Deaths at Atlin, BC.

    The cemetery was opened in 1898 with the death of a Mr. Sinclair. It was casually known as the Discovery road cemetery in its early years, then as the Atlin Cemetery, then as the Atlin Pioneer Cemetery once the new one was opened in 1948.

William S. "Billy" Alliott

Born Eccles, Lancashire, England
Died March 25, 1908, age 32 years

Killed in a mining accident on Spruce Creek (a mine cave-in which also killed Edward St. George Bowley)

Joseph Lee Banks

Mining engineer

Born Tennessee, U.S.A.
Died November 17, 1906, age 48 years

In loving memory of

Conner Mackenzie Black

Born at Atlin, November 22, 1906
Died December 8, 1906, aged 16 days

Edward St. George Bowley

Born Clapham, London, England
Died March 25, 1908

Killed in a mining accident on Spruce Creek (a mine cave-in which also killed William S. "Billy" Alliott)

Here lies
E. J. "Paddy" Burke
Born 1890, died November 20, 1930, of starvation following plane crash

In memory of
Grace Burke
His wife
Born 1885, died 1947, in England
At rest

Daniel Burnyeat
Died January 1907
Mine cave-in

In memory of

Alexander S. Campbell

Died March 15, 1917
Aged 75 years

Thomas "Tommy" Christien

Born Feb. 9th, 1867
Laid to rest January 28th, 1918

Killed in a logging-wagon accident

In loving memory of

Bertie L. Davies

Born at Atlin July 31, 1902
Drowned July 18, 1904

Peter De Costa (Antanis Della Costa)

Born Aug. 16, 1880, in Italy
Died March 20, 1920, age 40 years

Miner at Spruce Creek

In memory of

L. E. Duc-Coninat

Died Nov. 18, 1926
Aged 28 years

Sacred to the memory of

W. J. Duke

Who died at Atlin, B.C.
April 16th, 1900
Aged 23 years

James Henry Eastman II

November 25, 1895 - August 24, 1945

In memory of

Milo Fiodorovich

A native of Selopiper, Montenegro

Died September 17, 1915
Aged 29 years

In memory of

Fukuichi Hayashitan


Died October 5th, 1918, age 28 years

Pilot Officer J. Francis Hennning, RCAF
Died January 14, 1944 - more information.

Frank Henning
Born Atlin, B.C.
1899 - 1981

Lois Henning
Born Alpena, Mich.
1899 - 1983

In memory of

Henry Henning

Born St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 11th, 1862
Died June 21, 1902

In loving memory of

Maxine Hodson
Beloved wife of Reginald Hodson

1901 - 1926

We shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways

In memory of

William L. Hogg

Londonderry, Ireland
Died July 3, 1909
Aged 32


In memory of

Joseph Housel

Died July 14, 1924
Aged 73


In memory of

John L. Johnson

Aged 42
Died Feb. 11, 1920

In memory of

James Kennedy

Died Jan. 22nd, 1905
A native of Newtown, Donegal, Ireland
Aged 24 years

Ward Killpatrick

Born in Britain
Died Dec. 18, 1930

Postmaster, Discovery

Arthur Leverett

Born April ?, 1886, in England
Died ? 1947

Matthew McEwan
Died January 1907
Mine cave-in

In memory of

John McIntyre

Aged 27 years
Mail carrier, was drowned in Taku Arm November 28, 1902

Erected by Fritz Miller

Kenneth Chisholm McLaren

July 5, 1867 - May 17, 1931

Prospector & Gold Miner
Nova Scotian
Co-founder of Atlin

Henry George Marshall

Born England
Died Feb. 25, 1943, age 79 years

Miner of Blue Canyon

To the memory of
John Eaton Moran
Born February 3rd, 1874
Died October 30th, 1933

Donald Moran
March 5, 1941 - March 9, 1941
Son of Morley & Bertha

Otto Nelson

Born at Sunderbyn, Sweden
Aged 27 years
Died Sept. 5, 1918

In loving memory of

Selma Elizabeth Nelson
The beloved wife of Axel Nelson

Who departed this life March 15, 1920
Aged 34 years


Major C. William A. Neville

Died February 8, 1943
Aged 80 years.

Major Neville was the mayor of Atlin at the time of his death.

In memory of

Tade Obalski, M.E.

French Savant

Died at Atlin Sept 1911 (?)
Aged 50 years

Mining Engineer Tade Obalski was manger of the Société Minière de la Colombie Britannique, placer mining on Boulder Creek.

In loving memory of baby

Nobuo Okata

Born Atlin
Died February 22, 1937, aged 2 days

Rest in peace

In loving memory of baby

Shoji Okata

Born Atlin, June 1, 1938
Died September 27th, 1938


Alex Olson

Born June 4, 1862, in Norway
Found dead on the trail May 11, 1934
Age 72 years

Joseph Pepio

Died November 1908
Found dead in the woods
Age 25 years

Peter Peterson

Born Denmark
Died July 1919, 52 years

Killed in railway accident, Scotia Bay

George Pike

Born near Newcastle-on-Tyne
Died September 8, 1909, age 28 yrs.
of an accidental gunshot wound

Waiter on the S.S. Gleaner

Thomas Frederic Harper Reed

Gentleman Adventurer

1878 - 1965

Thomas Reed was a surveyor, Indian Agent and telegraph operator in Telegraph Creek, Atlin and Victoria.

Leota Joan Roxborough

Born April 8, 1930
Died Oct. 30, 1946
Age 16

Charley William Rudolf

Born July 2, 1923
Died May 21, 1940, age 16 years

Died from gunshot wounds, mistaken for a bear

John Elmwood Simons

Died February 8, 1914, age 51 years

Froze to death

Edward J. Thain

Born Jan 16th, 1847
Died Jan 11th, 1906, age 59

In memory of our darling

Baby Whitfield

Born May 16, 1912
Died June 7, 1912, aged 22 day

Not gone from our memory, not gone from our hearts, but gone to our heavenly father above

In loving memory of
John Wolters
Born in Kent, England, Jan. 16, 1857
Died Sept. 21, 1905

Our darling
Vesta Vera Wolters
Daughter of John & Elizabeth Wolters
Born in Atlin Aug 29, 1904
Died Aug. 22, 1906