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Soldier's Summit Trail Photo Gallery

The Soldier's Summit Trail

There are benches and interpretive signs with lots of historic photos places at several points along the trail, all offering spectacular views over Kluane Lake and/or the Slims River. The sign here, entitled "The Trail of '42", has facts from 3 dates:
- April 3, 1942: Arrival of US Army troops in Whitehorse
- May 22, 1942: Tenders called for construction of the permanent Alaska Highway
- August 24, 1942: From a soldier's diary: "Corduroy again today. Road still in bad shape after recent rains. Slowly this mud hole is resembling a road."

This photograph is © 2011 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
The Soldier's Summit historic hiking trail - Alaska Highway, Yukon