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Welcome North! ExploreNorth is the world's largest Web site that focusses on travel in, and the history of, Alaska, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and northern British Columbia. The site currently (February 2020) consists of over 46,000 files (approximately 7,300 pages) taking up 6.6 GB of space.

    The thousands of pages of information rely heavily on photography, both historic and current, to share our passion for this region.

    The site is constantly being worked on, and the community and highway guides that are an important part of the site for many of our readers are the sections currently being re-designed and re-written.

This Week's Features:

Aurora Borealis season has begun in Whitehorse
Seeing a mist across the sky right overhead, I got my camera and took a test shot, as cameras "see" the aurora better than the human eye does. Yes, aurora!

Long-distance champions of Alaska
Biologist Kyle Joly wondered which animal travels farthest across the landscape in one year. In doing his research, he found a few Alaska creatures near the top of the list.

Alaska Highway bridge engineer photos, 1943
A collection of captioned photos from an Alaska Highway bridge engineer, or more likely an engineer supervisor. Somewhere, the balance of the 118+ rolls of film may still exist.

The Tahltan Bear Dog
This little fireball was bred to assist native hunters in Northern British Columbia - is it really extinct? I've just added some thoughts and photos to this article I wrote in 1998.

Campgrounds & Rest Areas in the Yukon
For Yukoners and the people from BC now able to visit (Yukon borders opened to BC residents on July 1st), we have the most detailed guide to campgrounds, rest areas, and RV boondocking spots available.