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Robert W. Service: Bard of the Yukon

History & Biography

Kilwinning, Scotland
Robert Service's childhood home.

Robert Service and his cabin
Historic and current photos of Service and his cabin on the hill above Dawson.

Robert Service and Destiny
Sam Holloway looks at Service's life, and how his belief in Fate or Destiny guided his actions.

Vagabond of Verse
This 416-page book by James Mackay is the most detailed biography of Service yet written - it is, however, obvious in several places that Mackay has never been to the Yukon (Edinburgh, Scotland: Mainstream, 1995)

The Works of Robert Service

Ballads of a Bohemian
The complete text of the 1921 book of poems.

Ballads of a Cheechako
The complete text of all 23 poems, largely inspired by the characters of the Klondike Gold Rush.

" The Ballad of the Ice-worm Cocktail"
The poem about a Northern legend.

" Bob Smart's Dream"
Here is a poem from Service's Whitehorse days that has only been published in one 1906 newspaper article.

Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
The complete text of all 54 poems about World War I, when Robert was serving with the Ambulance Corps in France.

Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
The complete text of all 50 poems.

The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses
The complete text of all 34 poems - this book was also published as Songs of a Sourdough.

Modern Interpretations of Service's Works

The Robert Service Show
An hour-long video of Tom Byrne's show at the poet's original cabin in Dawson City in about 1995 (1:03:48).

A New Voice at the Robert Service Cabin
In 1999, Charlie Davis took over the post held for 20 years by Tom Byrne at Service's cabin in Dawson City.

Robert Service Cabin - Tom Byrne Continues his Service
Now down on Dawson City's Front Street instead of at the cabin, Tom still grabs people with the Bard's poetry.

Tom Byrne reaches his 90th milestone
Tom Byrne, known for nearly 30 years as the voice of Robert Service in Dawson City, celebrated his 90th birthday on January 10, 2014, in Roberts Creek, B.C.

Robert W. Service Filmography
Films based on Service's works.

Other Major Robert Service Resources

This website was originally created by Art Ude, who pulled together what was available online at the time (1996).