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Rhymes of a Rolling Stone

by Robert W. Service

The complete text of the book of poetry by "The Bard of the Yukon"


Rare and Antiquarian 234x60


A Rolling Stone

The Soldier of Fortune

The Gramaphone at Fond-Du-Lac

The Land of Beyond


The Idealist

Athabaska Dick


The Return

The Junior God

The Nostomaniac


To Sunnydale

The Blind and the Dead

The Atavist

The Sceptic

The Rover

Barb-Wire Bill

Just Think!

The Lunger

The Mountain and the Lake

The Headliner and the Breadliner

Death in the Arctic

Dreams Are Best

The Quitter

The Cow-Juice Cure

While the Bannock Bakes

The Lost Master

Little Moccasins

The Wanderlust

The Trapper's Christmas Eve

The World's All Right

The Baldness of Chewed-Ear

The Mother

The Dreamer

At Thirty-Five

The Squaw Man

Home and Love

I'm Scared of it All

A Song of Success

The Song of the Camp-Fire

Her Letter

The Man Who Knew

The Logger

The Passing of the Year

The Ghosts

Good-Bye, Little Cabin

Heart o' the North

The Scribe's Prayer

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