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Carbonneau - Mulrooney

Arctic & Northern Biographies

Dateline: November 28, 2023.

Belinda Mulroney
A cheque made out to the Fairview Hotel by the legal firm of Wade, Clark & Wilson, and was signed on the back by Miss B. A. Mulroney, owner of the hotel.

"Count" Charles E. Carbonneau
An article from The Baltimore Sun of September 17, 1906, reporting on the continuing adventures of Carbonneau, formerly of Dawson and husband of Belinda Mulrooney.

'Countess' Carbonneau and the Dome City Bank, 1910
A lengthy article from The Daily Province of July 29, 1910, describes the former Belinda Mulroney's climb to success and later banking-related troubles.

'Countess' Carbonneau and the Dome City Bank, 1911
An article from The Weekly Star of February 3, 1911, describes the former Belinda Mulroney's banking-related troubles.

The grave of Belinda Mulrooney Carbonneau (1872-1967)
Belinda died at Redmond, Washington, and was buried at the Holyrood Cemetery in Shoreline, King County, Washington.