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Glaciers & Icefields

Glacier & Icefield Videos
Including documentaries, glacier calving, and more.

Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska, 1937
An article from the 1937 Goldfields Edition of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner describes the rapid advance of the glacier.

Researchers get video of Donjek Glacier lake outburst flood
On July 13, 2019, an ice dam holding back a sizeable lake at the terminus of the glacier broke, releasing into the Donjek River.

Retreat of BC's Bear Glacier, 1975 - 2015
Photos of the Bear Glacier as seen from the edge of the road in 1975, 1991, 2002, 2008, and 2015 show the dramatic retreat of this glacier.

Retreat of BC's Salmon Glacier, 1975 - 2015
Photos of the Salmon Glacier as seen from the edge of what is generally called the Granduc Mine road in 1975 and 2015 show the dramatic retreat of this glacier.

How the Yukon's Slims River disappeared in just days
When the receding Kaskawulsh glacier stole the Slims River, the consequences rippled throughout the watershed. An excellent article from Toronto Star Newspapers.

A Watershed Moment
A lucky pilot. A never-before-seen natural phenomenon. How the first documented case of river piracy was discovered, and how it changed everything.

National Snow and Ice Data Center glacier photographs
NSIDC's collection includes 24,000 images, mostly from Alaska but with many from other regions.

Llewellyn Glacier and Lake No Lake, Atlin region
A 2019 flight from Atlin to this spectacular glacial region, with 58 photos.

Glacier Bay Flightseeing from Skagway
Cruising Glacier Bay is incredible, but seeing it from the air gives a perspective that makes understanding "the big picture" easier.

The south arm of the McBride Glacier, a tidewater glacier.