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Fly over a surging glacier in the Yukon
CBC's Susan Ormiston and Gwenn Flowers of Simon Fraser University fly over a surging glacier in the Saint Elias Mountains (3:52).

Retreating Yukon glacier caused a river to disappear
A postmortem on the Yukon's Slims River, whose flow was diverted in early 2016. It is the only documented case of "river piracy" in modern times (1:30).

Secret from the ice
The Nature of Things describes how ice in the Yukon is melting and human hunting tools, frozen in time for as long as 9,000 years, are thawing out (44:18).

Yukon Glacier Flight 2018
A flight and glacier landing in a Helio Courier H-295 on skis, with Icefield Discoveries (5:41).

Wheaton Glacier Research Project
A look at research on the volume of the Wheaton Glacier, conducted by the Northern Climate Exchange and the Yukon Geological Survey (3:43).

Suicide Basin, Juneau, Alaska - Glacial Dynamics
For the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Centre, Tom Mattice, Eron Hood, and glaciologist Christain Kienholz look at the causes of a glacial outburst flood from the Medenhall Glacier on July 21, 2011 (9:03).

Calving at Hubbard Glacier, Alaska
Introductory maps, and narration on the cruise ship, enhance these views of sections of Hubbard Glacier falling into Disenchantment Bay (19:04).

Largest glacier calving event ever filmed
Highlights from a breakup of the Ilulissat Glacier in Greenland on May 28, 2008. The calving lasted for 75 minutes and the glacier retreated a mile across a calving face 3 miles wide (4:41).

Extreme calving
A compilation of spectacular calving events from around the world, through locations are not identified.

Melting Ice Caps: One Scientist's Point of View
Tom Wagner, Cryosphere program manager at NASA, talks about the loss of Artic Sea Ice, changes in Greenland and Antarctica, and reveals some surprises about what is happening to our planet (6:52).

The Disappearing Arctic Polar Ice Cap
A time-lapse animation from NASA (2:25).