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Photos of Miles Canyon - Whitehorse, Yukon

An Explorer's Guide to Miles Canyon
The sign in this photo shot at the site of Canyon City reads
"Canyon & White Horse Rapids Tramway Company.
  Norman Macauley, a 28-year-old businessman from Victoria, British Columbia came here from Dyea in the fall of 1897. He hired eighteen men to build a tramway for horse-drawn cars that could carry freight and small boats about seven kilometers from the top of Miles Canyon to the bottom of Whitehorse Horse Rapids. The tramway took twenty-one days to build and was in full operation in 1898 during the main rush of the Klondike stampede.
  These reproduction tram cars are parked next to the site of Macauley's stable. You can still see the building depression and a difference in vegetation marks the manure pile. Piles of thin wire bound the hay that was brought in as feed for the horses.
  Look carefully along the tramway route for a series of holes where material was excavated for the tramway bed. Depressions in the bed mark the location of now rotted ties that leveled and supported the log rails."

This photograph is © 2016 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Canyon City - Whitehorse, Yukon