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An Explorer's Guide to Old Crow, Yukon

Location: in the far north of the Yukon, at 67° 34' 11"N, 139° 49' 39" W

Population (June 2018): 265

Elevation: 251 meters (823 feet)

Postal Code: Y0B 1N0

    Located at the confluence of the Crow and Porcupine rivers in the far north of the Yukon, Old Crow is the only village in the Yukon which doesn't have road access, and the only Yukon community located north of the Arctic Circle.

    The area has an ancient history of human occupation, and in 1904 the village of Old Crow was established on the site of a productive fish camp and close to the migration route of the Porcupine caribou herd.

Old Crow, Yukon - Home of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation
The community's official site, administered by the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation.

Old Crow Walking Tour
This 20-page brochure, updated in 2017, describes 18 historic sites in the community (pdf, 5.4 MB).

Old Crow Community Profile
A detailed profile of the people, economy and lifestyle by the Yukon Government.

Ice Age Old Crow
This 44-page booklet, written by Grant Zazula and Duane Froese, was published by the Government of Yukon in 2013 (pdf, 2.7 MB).

Ni'iinlii Njik Caves
This 52-page booklet, written by Bernard Lauriol, was published by the Government of Yukon in 2016 (pdf, 8.5 MB).

Old Crow, Yukon Territory, in 1959
A fairly lengthy article from the Edmonton Journal of February 21, 1959.

Old Crow, Yukon Territory, in 1968-69
Published in Handbook of North American Indians, Vol. 6, Subarctic, this is a summary of Ann Welsh Acheson's 1977 dissertation based on 9 months of research in 1968-69 (pdf, 35 MB).

Old Crow Airport
Airport code CYOC, with a single gravel runway 5,022 feet long, is located immediately adjacent to the community.

Clicking on the aerial view of Old Crow below will open an interactive map at Google Maps, in a new window.
Old Crow, Yukon