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Photos of Silver City (Kluane), Yukon

An Explorer's Guide to Silver City (Kluane), Yukon
On the ridge above the site is a memorial which reads:

These Four Crosses Mark The Graves Of Those Listed Below
Josephus Lamb: 1867 - July 28, 1911
Charles L. Haydon, Son: Aug. 29, 1921 - Jan. 18, 1942
Horace J. Haydon, Father: 1868 - Sept. 15, 1948
Annie Haydon, Mother: June 23, 1885 - Oct. 13, 1950
Courtesy of the Brian Williams Memorial Fund and Sidrock, 1996

When we visited the site on July 26, 2015, we were unable to find any crosses.

Annie Haydon shot her husband John (Haydon) in self defence, and was acquitted in court. See related articles here.

This photograph is © 2015 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Memorial stone at Silver City (Kluane), Yukon