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Photos of Mayo, Yukon

An Explorer's Guide to Mayo, Yukon

St. Mary's Anglican Church was built in 1922 soon after some important silver strikes were made in the area, and Reverend F. H. Buck conducted the first service on October 15 of that year. The church has been continuously occupied since that date. During the 1936 flood, the church was one of the few buildings to remain above the high water mark. When St. Mark's parishioners moved from the Old Village to Mayo, the church changed its name to St. Mark's with St. Mary's Anglican Church to reflect the new combined congregation. A stained glass window is dedicated to Rev. G.W.N. Wareham and Richard Martin, a Tetlit Gwich'in Deacon who served the Mayo region for many years.

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St. Mark's with St. Mary's Anglican Church - Mayo, Yukon