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Historic Videos, and Talking About History

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Alaska Highway Heritage Project - Interview with Murray Lundberg
A clip from a 2-hour interview about living and working on the Alaska Highway from 1990-2016 (2:00).

Trucking in the 1940s
This fascinating documentary film shows a wide range of the 4,500,000 trucks on the road in the United States in the early 1940s (23:23).

A 1949 Steam Adventure from Skagway to Dawson
A journey from Skagway to Bennett, Carcross and Whitehorse on a WP&YR train, and to Ben-My-Chree and Dawson City by sternwheeler (38:10).

The Old New World
Alexey Zakharoff invites us to travel back in time to 1931 with a little steampunk time machine, using a photo-based animation program.

MSTS Arctic Transport to DEW Line Stations, 1955
Sealift operations by MSTS (Military Sea Transportation Service) in 1955 to establish the Arctic DEW Line Stations, Central Sector.

Lumbering in British Columbia, 1925
A government documentary on the lumbering industry in British Columbia, presents the logging, milling, transporting and shipping of lumber (10:02).

1957 Chevrolet Truck Commercial - "Champs of the ALCAN Run"
To promote the toughness of its full line of trucks, Chevrolet sent a convoy up the Alaska Highway, making the 1,523-mile run in less than 45 hours (3:44).

An Entertaining History of Japan
Bill Wurtz has created a basically true and very funny history of the country that you really need to watch several times (9:00).

Bulldog Convoy in the Arctic
A convoy of 11 custom-built Mack LRVSW trucks hauls construction materials from Eagle, Alaska, to DEW line sites in the Canadian Arctic in 1956 (23:32).

Alaska Freight Lines Arctic DEW Line Expedition, 1955
This home movie was shot by Joseph Kelly during an expedition that started in Circle, Alaska, and went to the DEW Line station at Shingle Point, Yukon (14:39).

Nellie Cashman, Angel of the Cassiar
The story of Nellie Cashman, a brave woman who helped to save the lives of dozens of men who were stranded in the Cassiar region of British Columbia.

The Life and Photography of Edward Curtis
Curtis undertook one of the greatest photographic odysseys ever when he set out to document North American Indians in the early 20th century (10:08).

An Alaska-Yukon-BC Journey, 1940s
This is a fairly low quality home movie of a trip in the 1940s, from Skagway to Ben-My-Chree, back to Skagway and then sailing south down the Inside Passage (14:24).

Exploring Historic Sites along BC's Fraser River
BC's Minister of Multiculturalism Teresa Wat and UBC's Dr. Henry Yu visit historical mining sites along the Fraser River (11:20).

Carcross, Yukon, and Bennett, BC, in the 1940s
This video shows the Carcross Inn, a WP&YR steam train, and the church and people at Bennett (2:06).

PBS - The Klondike Gold Rush
The story of the legendary Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush (56:03).

Ghost Towns of Northwest BC
Anyox, Alice Arm, Kitsault, Port Essington, and Dorreen, incudes much aerial footage shot by a drone (5:28).

Voyage to Anyox
A sailboat voyage to the ghost town of Anyox in northern British Columbia, by a former resident of Anyox and her sons in September 2011 (13:21).

Yukon River, 1940s
This video (bits from a longer film, it seems) shows a sternwheeler trip from Stewart Island to Whitehorse (10:38).

The Open Road - 1951 Highway Construction
This promotional film produced for Bethlehem Steel shows the many ways that steel is used in highway construction, from caterpillars to concrete paving equipment (31:07).

Charlie Chaplin's "The Gold Rush" (1925)
This silent film comedy was written, produced, directed by, and starred Charlie Chaplin in his Little Tramp role (1:28:30).

City of Gold (1957)
This classic short film from Pierre Berton depicts the Klondike gold rush at its peak, contrasted with modern Dawson City (21:43).

The Historic Kiskatinaw Bridge
An aerial view of the curved wooden bridge on an old section of the Alaska Highway north of Dawson Creek, via a drone (3:08).

Sternwheeler Graveyard, Dawson City
Drone footage of the 7 steamboats from the Klondike Gold Rush era which sit along the shore of the Yukon River just downstream from Dawson City (3:30).

The Cremation of Sam McGee
The famous poem by Robert W. Service, read by Johnny Cash and illustrated by Ted Harrison (5:35).

The Cremation of Sam McGee
The famous poem by Robert W. Service, read by the author (7:43).

Chilkoot Entrance Song
Performed by Dakhká Khwáan Dancers at Tutshi Lake in the traditional territory of the Inland Tlingit.

Alaska's Historic Inspiration Point Mine
A 4-minute look at one of the state's more spectacular historic sites, located high in the mountains above Skagway.

Murray Lundberg talks about Yukon Roadhouses
This interview with the late Les McLaughlin was filmed at the Robinson Roadhouse on the South Klondike Highway in 2009 (4:38).

Paddlewheels on the Yukon River
A "Yukon Nugget" by the late Les McLaughlin, with riverboat footage from the collection of Murray Lundberg (6:00).

"Highway to Alaska"
This newsreel was produced by the United States War Department in 1942 (9:07).

"Alaska Highway"
This drama, starring Richard Arlen and Jean Parker, follows the construction of the Alaska Highway from initial planning to completion (1:07:10).

Alaska Highway Construction
This 35-minute documentary was produced by the United States War Department in 1944.

80 Years of Alaskan History
This is a compilation of film clips spanning 80 years of Alaskan History, 1897 to 1977. The background music is the Bravura variation on Alaska's Flag Song, by Paul Rosenthal (4:30).

Alaskan Heritage
This 1967 documentary examines the history and development of Alaska as the state celebrated her centennial (19:28).