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Challenge to Be Free

Filmed mainly on location in Alaska and released (as "The Mad Trapper of the Yukon") in 1972, this film is a fictionalized account of the 1931 RCMP pursuit of a trapper named Albert Johnson, known as "The Mad Trapper of Rat River". In Alaska, Trapper attempts to live in harmony with nature but is aware that other trappers are using inhumane traps. When he is confronted by rival trappers over his interference with their trap lines, they bring along Sargent, the local police officer. Feeling intimidated, Trapper fights back, shooting his way out of his cabin and embarking on a desperate attempt to escape the authorities (1:27:47)

The cast includes:

  • Mike Mazurki as Trapper
  • Fritz Ford as Sargent
  • Vic Christy as Frenchy
  • Jimmy Kane as "Old Tracks"
  • Alex Van Bibber as Great Rifleman
  • Gordon Yardley as Supply Officer
  • Bob McKinnon as Buck Dawson
  • Roger Reitano as Eli Zane
  • Ted Yardley as Officer Cabot
  • Brian Russell as Storekeeper
  • Connie Yardley as Housewife
  • Patty Piper as Indian

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