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Cassiar, BC, Summer 1973

This video was created from still photos shot by George Bryce while working at the asbestos mine in northern BC (5:13).

"In the summer of 1973, I worked at an asbestos mine in the remote mining town of Cassiar, located in north western British Columbia. Among those of us who were not Lifers, we often yelled-out that summer what became our summer theme song (Band On The Run): "If I ever get out of here, thought of giving it all away to a registered charity. All I need is a pint a day, if I ever get out of here!" As you'll also see, to try to get as far away from the asbestos dust that was everywhere (even settling onto the desk in my room) we would hike the local mountains. And, of course, a few "pints" were consumed! Now - some 40 years later - I am fortunately not apparently suffering from any asbestos related diseases. Let us hope that it stays that way!"

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