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Arctic & Northern Maps & Mapping


Alaska Boroughs
Very clear location maps for 13 boroughs.

Alaska Maps
Ten very large maps by Bill Jones show Native territories, old villages, trails etc.

Alaska Maps
Several sections of a large state map have been posted, as well as city maps of Anchorage, Fairbanks and Homer.

"Early Indian Tribes of Alaska"
This huge, very detailed map was published in 1967 by the Smithsonian.

Earthquakes in Alaska
This large map locates all known earthquakes of at least magnitude 6.0 in the state from 1899-2003. It is also available as an even larger pdf.

Ecoregions of Alaska
Compare this map with the maps of aboriginal peoples - you'll see a very strong correlation.

Geographical Place Names - United States
A searchable database which shows coordinates and map numbers for reference.

Historic Maps of Alaska
Several large maps from 1899-1943, showing the state generally, specific regions, the Alaska Highway and other subjects.

The National Map Small-Scale Collection
A collection of small-scale map datasets can be downloaded for free (the National Atlas of the United States was retired in September 2014).

Alaska Highway

Alaska Highway Map
This .pdf-format map of the BC section of the highway has excellent detail.

Alaska Highway, 1943
A large (222k), detailed map of the highway in relation to western North America, produced by the Alberta Travel Bureau in 1943.

Alaska Highway, 1950
This map was originally published by the American Automobile Association in 1950, in their 24-page booklet "Alaska and the Alaska Highway".

Northern British Columbia
An interactive map of the Great Northern Circle Route through northern BC that includes the Alaska Highway.


Planes & Electronics Correct Maps of the North, 1955
A lengthy article from The Gazette (Montreal) of Wednesday, July 20, 1955 describes the project operating out of RCAF Station Whitehorse.

Yukon Road Map
A detailed, printable map of all major roads.

Maps of the Yukon
A large collection of current maps of roads, mining and oil/gas claims, airports, First Nations lands and many more subjects.

Geomatics Yukon
This branch of the Yukon government coordinates the exchange of location based (map) information within the Yukon in partnership with all levels of government.

Stampede Routes to the Klondike Gold
An 1897 map, and 1898 descriptions of the major routes to the goldfields.

Traditional Territories of Yukon First Nations
This fairly detailed map shows the boundaries, including the Inuvialuit and Tetlit Gwich'in Settlement Areas. In .pdf format (144 Kb).

Yukon, 1914
In 1914, the Yukon Territory and Alaska were in a period of transition from the boom days of the Klondike and Nome gold rushes as well as many smaller rushes.

Yukon River
A large colour map of the entire river.

Northwest Territories & Nunavut

Frobisher Bay, 1842
A large map showing Foxe Channel, Hudson Strait and Frobisher Bay.

Maps & Geography Facts About Nunavut
Some basic statistics and 10 maps.

Northwest Territories
GNWT has posted dozens of maps, from an 1880 view of North America to current political boundaries and wildlife distribution.

Other Canada

Air Photos
Six million photos are catalogued at the National Air Photo Library, available as prints or on CDs.

Atlas of Canada
There is a huge variety of maps, both current and historic, available here.

Geographical Place Names - Canada
A searchable database, with results returned including coordinates, maps, and sometimes a brief history.


Mapping the Arctic Ocean
This excellent illustrated paper describes the work of a series of expeditions that started in 2002.

Historic Maps of the Arctic
Ten maps dating back to 1595 are shown and described by Canadian Geographic.

North Polar Region
A large (279 k) 1947 map centred on the North Pole, showing the Northern Hemisphere down to 40°. Polar explorations and the unexplored regions are shown.

Pacific Theatre Maps
These maps show the entire Pacific Theatre, and the relationship of the Aleutians to the Japanese battle plan.

Paleovegetation in North America
This article includes a series of 7 clear maps showing and describing the changes from 28,000 BP to the present day.

Vitus Bering
A huge annotated map showing the routes of Bering's first (1725-30) and second (1733-1741) expeditions, including Chirikov's 1741 voyage.