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Dan Snure, Yukon Pioneer - Klondike Outfit List

This is the list of goods that Dan and his partner, Ned Dyers, purchased for their planned two-year stay in the Klondike gold fields, quoted from a letter sent to his sister and brother on August 1, 1897:

"Our latest improved rifles, with plenty of amunition
Two Colts Revolvers
Six pairs snow glasses
2 Axes - 3 shovels - 3 picks
Some pick steel & Borax for [?]
3 gold pans and one rocker Also Some quicksilver
1 Whip Saw -- 1 Hand Saw
1 Box flat files - 1 claw hammer
1 Frying pan - 1 Baking Pan
1 - 8 quart granite kettle
1 - 6     "       "       "
1 coffee pot - 6 granite cups
2 large spoons - knives & forks & spoons
4 granite plates - 1 Brace & set of bits
Epsom Salts - quinine - Soda
Mosquito bar (Silk) - 1 tent
200 ft. 5/8" rope - Oakum
Batchelors buttons - needles & thread
Wax ends - Awls - Shor nails
Shor tacks - Wire nails
Leather soles, already cut out
Rubber patches - rubber cement
Our large magnet, also magnifying glass
A quantity of Lime juice to keep off scurvy
Alcohol - Carbolic Acid (for gray backs)
Oiled canvas sheet to lay under blanket
Sheet iron stove - Reflector for baking
2 heavy pocket knives - Candle wicks
250 lbs. Bacon Smoked extra heavy - Matches
100   "   Evaporated Peaches - Baking Powder
100   "       "       Apricots - Salt
  50   "       "       Apples - Black Pepper
100   "   Self rising Flour - 2 cases Milk - Condensed
400   "   Graham Flour - 250 lbs. Beans
500   "   Wheat Flour - Cayenne Pepper
100   "   Rice - 20 lbs. Coffee - 30 lbs. Tea
Castile Soap - Candles - Mustard
Evaporated Potatoes & Onions

Now there are likely quite a few articles we have not thought of yet, but I put everything down as I think of it & guess we will have a good outfit. Now the next thing is clothes. We will probably get underclothes of chamois leather - 2 suits outer clothes, each, made of very best woolen blankets, also 2 Suits each, either best duck or corduroy - then we will get woolen blankets - four pairs each, also two sleeping bags, these bags are made of oiled canvas and lined with wool and at night you just crawl in, close up the bag and go to sleep as warm as if you were in some other place. Then, there's Caps, Silk gloves & Heavy Mittens, Woolen Socks, German Socks & overshoes--Leather Shoes - extra heavy - Rubber boots &c. We also have to fill up our medicine chest yet. Now after this is all packed then we have to take along enough horses, Pack Saddles etc. to carry it all over the Mountains, so you see we will have quite an outfit.

Now I have shown this list to my partners & they tell me to get it all & as much more if I want it & charge it up to them."

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