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The Family of Robert Bruce Banks

of Thorp, Washington

Robert Bruce ("Bruce") Banks, born June 11, 1858 in Windom, Cottonwood Co., MN; died February 06, 1898 in shipwreck of the Clara Nevada in Southeast Alaska. He was the son of James Monroe Banks and Barbara Alice Kimmel.

Portrait of Josie Jones, ca.1890
Josie Jones, ca.1890
He married Josephine ("Josie") Lydia Jones on May 23, 1880 in Lakeside, Minnesota. She was the daughter of Lyman Frederick Coolidge Jones and Olive Mathews.

Children of Bruce and Josie Banks:

  • i. Daisy Estelle Banks, born March 20, 1882 in Windom, Bingham Lake, Lakeside Twp, Cottonwood Co, Minnesota; died January 07, 1975 in Bellingham, Whatcom Co, WA; married Philip Sheridan Haner July 04, 1900 in Enterprise, Whatcom Co, Washington; married Winfield Scott Woolever August 01, 1927 in Whatcom, Co. Washington.
  • ii. Waldo Emerson Banks, born January 27, 1884 in Windom, Cottonwood Co., MN; died May 18, 1972 in Bellingham, Whatcom Co., WA; married Hannah Lucinda ("Lucy") Ecalbarger, on January 07, 1904 in Bellingham, Whatcom Co., WA.
  • iii. Lillian Olive Banks, born December 27, 1885 in Windom, MN; died March 27, 1908 in Bellingham, WA; married Frank Rice.
  • iv. Harold Bruce Banks, born August 14, 1891 in King City, WA; died September 27, 1911 in Yakima, WA.
  • v. Clyde Banks, born August 28, 1893 in King City, King County, WA; died April 07, 1977 in Bellingham, WA; married Albertina P. Pearson; married Lois Olson.
  • vi. Lyman James Banks, born April 09, 1896 in King City, King Co, WA; died October 18, 1977 in Bellingham, WA; married Ruby Gilbert; married Lucile Willett on May 10, 1915.

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