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Archaeology and Anthropology in Northern Canada

Other Areas

Archaeology in Arctic Canada
A beautifully-presented slide show, part of the University of Calgary's McDougall Sound Project.

Archaeology in Arctic North America
An extensive site, with information ranging from the challenges of Arctic fieldwork to culture sequences. Presented by Robert W. Park.

Kwaday Dän Sinchi
A comprehensive report on "The Yukon Iceman," found in August 1999.

Mackenzie River Archaeology
A huge site allowing an in-depth look at an 10-year-long project in the Mackenzie Delta.

Northwest Territories Regulations
The brief Archaeological Sites Regulations cover site protection, permits and reporting procedures.

120 Years of Palaeoeskimo Research in Newfoundland
This lengthy report by Lisa M. Fogt begins in the 1850s, when artifacts in Labrador were considered to be from Beothuk peoples.

The Sequence of Cultures in the Arctic
This compact site, by Robert W. Park, cross-links nicely to explain the evolution of culture from Paleo-Arctic to present across the North American Arctic.

The Theft of Our Heritage
The growing problem of the theft of culturally significant items from archaeological sites in the North.

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