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Archaeology and Anthropology in Alaska

Other Areas

Alaska Office of History and Archaeology
Easy access to related Statutes and tax incentive information, as well as links to archaeological digs and historic places.

Archaeological Overview of Alaska
This NPS site serves as an excellent primer to the prehistory of both Alaska generally, and the four major regions, with their wide variations in cultural attributes.

Archeology in Downtown Skagway
A look at 30 years of historical archeology by the NPS in downtown Skagway.

Cultural Resources in Alaska Parks
Extensive descriptions of the cultural history of each of the state's 15 National Parks and Preserves.

"Dig Afognak"
Since 1993, this project has been inviting people to join in uncovering the secrets of the prehistoric Koniag Alutiiq people.

Human Dimensions of the Arctic System
The aim of HARC is to better understand the role of humans in the functioning of and interactions among the various physical, biological, and social # components of the Arctic system and the significance of changes in the arctic system for people in the Arctic and across the globe.

Margaret Bay Archaeological Site
An excellent summary of the history of this site in the Aleutians, and the work done there.

The Mesa Project
This report describes the significance of this site in the Brooks Range.

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