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Sternwheeler Canadian Memorial
Whitehorse, Yukon

by Murray Lundberg

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Sternwheeler Canadian biography of the Canadian

Sternwheeler Canadian Captain "Paddy" Martin and 2 other members of her 1927 crew pose on the deck in 1958, when the ship was still fairly stable.

Sternwheeler Canadian By the early 1990s, the superstructure had collapsed and been washed away, but the hull with some equipment was still visible at low water levels.

Sternwheeler Canadian The metal frame of the paddlewheel and the boiler were the largest intact pieces remaining when the road along the river was widened in the spring of 1997. They were salvaged, but most of the rest of the ship was buried under tons of rock.

he sternwheeler Canadian being buried by road construction fill - Whitehorse 1997 The Canadian disappearing under rock fill for the new road.

Sternwheeler Canadian interpretive center The "bow" of the ship.

Sternwheeler Canadian interpretive center The "wheelhouse".

Sternwheeler Canadian interpretive center The "sternwheel".

Sternwheeler Canadian interpretive center

Sternwheeler Canadian interpretive center Looking down at the Millennium Trail and the memorial from the top of the "clay cliffs", the location of the Whitehorse airport.

Sternwheeler Canadian memorial in the winter

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