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Professor Angelo Heilprin
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Northern Ships and Shipping

Dateline: January 22, 2020.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Sunday, May 22, 1898.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Sunday, May 22, 1898.



Highland Light and R. W. Bartlett Bound for the Mouth of the Yukon
- Farallon for Lynn Canal - Live Stock to Supply Meat Markets.

    Three vessels with 210 passengers cleared from this port yesterday for the north. The bark Highland Light and the schooner R. W. Bartlett, with every available foot of space filled with passengers and freight, were bound fr the mouth of the Yukon river. The steamer Farallon, with fifty-one passengers and a deck load of live stock and a full freight cargo, was for Lynn canal ports.

    The bark Highland Light, Capt. Herbert, was towed out from Yesler dock at light yesterday morning by the tug Wis---. The tug will tow the Highland Light to Cape Flattery. Standing on the bark's deck were 121 men and women, who yelled with delight that they were finally on their way to the gold fields. On the dock was a large crowd of friends and curiosity seekers who howled out an enthusiastic farewell.

    There are eight organized parties on the Highland Light, and with one exception all are bound for the Yukon. Besides these were a number of passengers who expect to get up the Yukon some way or other. The Rand-Crimmings party is to be let off at the entrance of Portland Canal, on the southeastern coat of Alaska. They are provided with a small launch. The Highland Light's big deck load was composed for the most part of the intricate wooden pieces of four sternwheel river steamers that are to be put together in the north. In the hold were the engines and driving machinery, as well as tons of supplies.

    The schooner R. W. Bartlett, which has been loading at Schwabacher's dock for the past three weeks, finally got away in tow of the tug Rabonni at 8:30 o'clock last night. The Rabonni will cast off her tow line as soon as the schooner is outside the straits. Capt. Olsen will then steer a straight course for St. Michael. His vessel is loaded to the last pound. Every inch of deck room is utilized. The sectional parts of five river steamers, with their engines and boilers, make the cargo a heavy one. Two of the steamers are of steel and the sections are securely fastened to the schooner's deck.

    The Hill party of fourteen have the largest sectional steel steamer. Their boat is 115 feet in length and 25 feet beam. James Casey, of Chicago, who chartered the Bartlett, has twenty-one men in his party. They have a wooden steamer as well as a sectional steel stern-wheeler. H. H. Starkey and party of nineteen have two wooden steamers which will be set up at St. Michael.

    Several of Bartlett's passengers did not get to the dock until the schooner had cast off her lines. Their absence was noted before the tug had gone out very far, and the Rabonni circled around for a few minutes to wait for them. Just as Capt. Olsen was giving the order to go ahead without them the tardy passengers appeared at the wharf and were taken aboard.

    The steamer Farallon, Capt. Roberts, cleared from Schwabacher's dock for Skagway shortly after 9 o'clock in the evening. The most notable thing about the Farallon was a newly-constructed sheep pen on top of the live stock on the steamerŐs bow. Nearly a hundred sheep were crowded into the pen, which towered thirty feet above the main deck. There was no covering on the pen, and if the Farallon runs into some bad weather there wil be some dead sheep. She carried 41 passengers and a number of horses.

    TheHighland Light carried the following passengers:

    Chicago & Alaska Mining, Milling & Transportation Company, including John Mayers, Charlies A. Eddy, Alex. A. Tibbs, E. A. Virtue, M. B. Kline, O. Mattson, Benjamin E. Cuthbert, George Moland, A. E. Dearborn, M. W. Miller, F. J. Miller, M. V. Henderson, John Nelson, Charles Nelson, H. H. Gilbert, John A. Renther, B. J. Plomondon, H. A. Spaulding, Jules Giroux, Michael Schmidt, Louis Anderson, Henry De Weerdt, F. Klondruf, J. Moran, Anthony Dens, V. C. Severance, T. P. Lewis, Walter Tripple, J. A. Gale, F. E. Carroll, C. D. Butler, Reuben Zipple.

    Co-operative Mining Association, of Indianapolis, including: George P. Merrott, Benajmin F. Gresh, Ed. Raker, James McLelland, J. M. Robbins, William Kepple, Charles Woldfre, Charles Florence, William Knapp, James Verges, Marcellus H. Dawson, Fred S. Coffman, Clark Jennings, Dr. J. M. Jennings, Stephen Lovett, Rupert Shulthiers, John Sargent, Daniel Stanley, Fred Meyers, C. Van Blarecom, Lawrence P. Grady.

    United States Mining, Dredging & Lumber Company, of Cincinnati, O., including: Capt. Wash. Meredith, Charles Aesberle, George Given, M. E. Isbell, E. N. Murphy, A. G. Shelby, Dr. J. Van Bonar, A. R. Washington, A. G. Southent, E. G. Kemmler, Charles Hunting, Charles Haufbauer, Charles Boutet, Henry Schmidt, J. Bussard, G. Mueller, William E. Cherry.

    The Goodwin-Sperry party, including: F. W. Goodwin, B. P. Sperry, Corydon Frasel, William R. Hastings, F. Roheder, F. C. Funke, J. G. Thompson, A. G. Martell, Blanche Martell, Katy Amey, Alice Amey, A. Amey.

    Rand Cummings party, including: Arthur Mitchell, Howard B. Kief, William Prosser, Henry F. Roberts, Frank F. James, Dr. John F. Crosby, Wilber Rand, J. G. Roberts, Moses C. Flint, Charles H. Howe, G. H. Gallant, Dr. U. C. Bates, Edwin T. Hodges, Everett Thayer, E. H. Foster, B. B. Patterson, J. J. Parks, John D. Crimmons.

    The other passengers were: Walter Powers, Mrs. W. Powers, S. C. Lapham, L. W. Fidland, J. W. Mullen, M. Matson, H. Hungerson, J. M. Donelson, Andrew Knudsen, D. C. Weaver, Capt. D. Russell, Mrs. T. E. Sipe, W. J. Anderson, D. A. Keyser, 0. W. Scott, W. W. Wright, H. D. Haines, James O'Donnell and G. W. Close.

    The passengers on the Bartlett were as follows: James Casey, A. B. Thompson, J. N. Wilnor, L. G. Droze, James Dolen, John Landsley, ___ Drummond, W. J. Chesley, Charles Andrews, J. C. Monaglin, N. Wasmuth, W. E. Meyers, E. V. Bogart, L. A Fisher, Haker Waldner, F. C. Nell, J. M. Doyle, Thomas R. Hill, Mrs. Hill, H. Clay Borden, William H. Canley, Dr. J. Paul Chambers, Francis C. Howell, William C. Hallan, William C Henderson, Samuel J. Entricken, Mrs. Entricken, Capt. Joseph Grottle, George W. Donler, Charles F. Clark, H. H. Starkey, Mrs. Starkey, H. V. Bean, E. V. Blackmore, Dr. Gerald, Dr. Gregg, Prof. Wheeler, Capt. Gil. Parker, C. O. Barlow, Mrs. Barlow, Charles Butts, H. Pusley, Dr. Garner and Dr. Glenn.