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Alaska Steamship Company

  • 1894, the Alaska Steamship Company was formed by Captain George Roberts, George H. Lent and Charles E. Peabody.

  • 1895, the company bought the Willapa; she left Seattle on her first voyage to Alaska on March 3, 1895.

  • the Klondike Gold Rush was triggered by the arrival of the steamship Excelsior at San Francisco on July 14, 1897, and the Portland at Seattle on July 17, 1897, but for months before that, the Willapa had been carrying capacity loads to Alaska. On March 17, 1897, the Statesman Journal (Salem, Oregon) reported that: "The steamer Willapa sailed for Alaska [from Tacoma] this evening carrying sixty-five gold-hunters and their outfits, whom she will carry to Dyea. Several dozen extra large dogs are being taken for use in hauling sledges. The demand for tickets, at the Tacoma office, was double the number of passengers the Willapa could accomodate." The San Francisco Call of the same date reported that "The steamer Willapa left Tacoma this evening at six o'clock bound for Juneau and Dyea with 400 tons of cargo, and sixty passenegers, mostly miners, for the Yukon district. Dozens of dog snowsleds and mining camp outfits encumbered the deck. The expedition received a warm send-off as the boat swung from the pier."

  • October 19, 1901, Klondike Nugget: "The remaining half interest in the Lynn canal steamer Dirigo, Captain McGregor, has been purchased by the Alaska Steamship Company, which operates the vessel, for a consideration of $60,000. John S. Kimball of San Francisco owned the interest sold. The deal gives the Alaska Steamship Company entire ownership of the four vessels, the Dolphin, Dirigo, Farallon and Rosalie, long operated by the company. Negotiations for the sale were concluded [October 7]."

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