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The Silver Trail

(Yukon Highway 11)

North Klondike Highway to Keno City, Yukon
111 km, 69 miles

Northern Highways - Alaska, the Yukon & northern British Columbia

This former mining town died when the last silver mine closed in 1989, and is now privately owned.

Keno City
This community of 20 people was once the centre one of Canada's most important mining areas.

The village's official descriptions of services and attractions.

Butterflies & Bulldozers on the Silver Trail
A guide to the history and attractions of the area.

A Day Trip to Keno City
This photojournal from late May 2012 includes 40 photographs, mostly of the Silver Trail.

Another Quick Trip to Keno City
This photojournal from August 2012 includes 33 photographs, including some from a night spent on top of Keno Hill.