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Alaska Highway Postcards

Alaska Highway Postcards
The Alaska Highway
From Dawson Creek, B.C., the road runs some 1,500 miles north-west through Fort St. Joh, Fort Nelson, Watson lake, Whitehorse and on to Fairbanks, Alaska. Coming into the field in March, 1942, and working from Dawson Creek and Whitehorse, the U.S. Engineers did a remarkable job of locating and building a rough but serviceable road over the entire distance by November. This cleared the way for moving in heavy equipment and supplies. Highway contractors' crews are now widening, straightening and, in places, rebuilding the original road. Later this fine gravel highway (see picture) will be hard surfaced.
Copyright, Canada, 1943.

Postcard showing a truck on the Alaska Highway in the 1940s

Reverse of a 1940s Alaska Highway postcard