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Alaska Highway North

The Road to Adventure
Whitehorse, Yukon to Delta Junction, Alaska
809 km, 503 miles

Northern Highways - Alaska, Yukon & Northern BC

Communities & Services along the Alaska Highway

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The Alcan as it winds around Kluane Lake - seen from the Soldiers Summit walking trail     The northern half of the "Alcan" offers the opportunity to see an incredible variety of landscapes, from the dry valley of the Yukon River at Whitehorse, to the imposing peaks of the Kluane Range, through the permafrost region west of Beaver Creek, and finally into the fertile Tanana River valley at Delta Junction.

    There are plenty of opportunities for stops along this section of the highway, making even our long summer days disppear quickly.

  • a Native heritage centre, Kwaday Dan Kenji, where guides will explain how First Nations people lived before the arrival of modern technology.

  • Canyon Creek, with its photogenic century-old bridge and the ruins of an old roadhouse.

  • the Kluane National Park Visitor Reception Centre, where a film presentation introduces you to the mountains in the heart of the park, which includes most of Canada's highest peaks.

  • flightseeing at any of several locations.

  • wildlife viewing, most notably the chance to see Dall sheep at Sheep Mountain.

  • walking trails, such as the one at Soldiers' Summit, seen in the photo above, that provide wonderful opportunities to see wildflowers and some great views.

  • a wildlife display at the Kluane Museum of Natural History.

  • the Canada - United States border, where you can see the 20-foot-wide swath cut through the forest to mark the boundary all the way from the Arctic Ocean to the coastal mountains.

  • the charming Dot Lake Chapel, built in 1949.

  • the End of the Alaska Highway interpretive center and the Sullivan Roadhouse Museum at Delta Junction.

Rika's Roadhouse - a popular stop on the Alaska Highway North, near Delta Junction, Alaska

    Delta Junction, at Historic Mile 1422 of the Alaska Highway, has only in the past few years regained its rightful title as "the end of the Alaska Highway". For many years, Fairbanks was considered the end, even though the Richardson Highway had run from Valdez to Fairbanks, through Delta Junction, since 1905.

    Rika's Roadhouse, seen to the left, is just north of Delta Junction. It is one of the most popular stops along this section of the highway. Well set up for tour groups, it offers free tours of the grounds, as well as excellent meals, and gift and fur shops in the historic roadhouse.

    From Delta Junction, you can either continue north on the Richardson Highway to Fairbanks, or head south to Valdez.

    If you have questions about the Alaska Highway or any other routes, check the links page, or post your question on the Yukon Forum at TripAdvisor.