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Road Building at Windy Arm, June 1906

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

Windy Arm Silver Mining - Chronology

The Weekly Star, Whitehorse, Yukon - Friday, June 8, 1906

Roads being built to access Windy Arm mines, 1906

    The British Columbia government is not slow in the matter of public improvements where there are indications of future growth and prosperity. The new town of Winton on Windy Arm will be the center of considerable activity in the way of road building this season.

    From a point on the bay opposite the town of Winton a road will be built to the base of Conrad mountain at which place Colonel Conrad will erect a large warehouse, making it a supply point for all his mining interests on that side of the bay.

    The road on that side of the bay will be continued on to Toochi and Moose Arm where it will connect with the main road to Atlin.

    Another road wili be built from Winton north to the Yukon line where it will be continued by the Yukon government to Pooley canyon near the mouth of which are located a number of fabulously rich mines, among them the Venus, Vault, Ruby Silver and many others. On the beach near Pooly canyon another warehouse will also be erected by Colonel Conrad.

    A contract for constructing the "Venus" road from Winton has been let by C. Wynne-Johnson, represecting Dr. Scharechmidt and others of the Winton townsite, to Contractor Campbell, this road being a private enterprise on the part of the townsite people.

    During the summer the B.C. government will have a road slashed and stumped from Winton to Log Cabin but should the railroad com pany extend a line from the later place to the mine tramway terminals, this latter highway will not be necessary.

    J. Conley, member of the provincial police and mining recorder has already been located by the B.C. government at Winton where an office is being constructed for his use.