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Roadhouses between Dawson and Whitehorse, 1900

Roadhouses in Alaska and the Yukon Territory

OUR TRIP OUT OVER THE ICE - Dec. 12th, 1900. By Chris. Bartsch.

    Early in the morning of December 12th, 1900, Bill Acheson, William Graham and us two, Grace and I, started on our return trip to the outside, meaning the coast. It was forty-five below zero and not yet daylight as we took to the trail on the Yukon River.

    We had our horse, "Dick", hitched to a double end sleigh, with a full-sized basket on top and handle bars at the back, to guide us. It had a small platform at the end, between the handle bars, just big enough for the driver to jump up when the going was easy. In the basket Mrs. Bartsch sat with her trunk at her back, to lean on, and all padded down with blankets and fur robes, and the gallon syrup can full of hot water at her feet. Only her head was above the covers, to sixty below, the air was glittering with white frost, which made it daylight more like twilight, with the hardly hardly ever visible and getting dark at 4 p.m. Now "Dick", our horse, was white with frost as were our fur caps and parkas. However we averaged over forty miles a day, some days making over fifty miles. It all depended on the location of the road houses. where we could get meals and stop over nights. Here is a list of roadhouses we visited on our way:

Coming out from Dawson.

Distance from Dawson. Miles.
Twelvemile House, to right on Mainland.   12.
Ensley Roadhouse, to left on Island. (Dinner)   18.
Indian River, left on Mainland.   28.
Log cabin, left on Mainland. (over night)   42.
Sixtymile Pass, left on Mainland.   48.
Ninemile, right on Island. (Dinner)   57.
Stewart river, left on Mainland. (over night)   73.
White river, left on island.   82.
Thistle Creek, left on mainland.   92.
Kirkmen, left on Mainland. (Dinner) 100.
Halfway Post, right on Island. 101.
Tulare Island, right on Island. 106.
Island Post, left on Island. 113.
Clerk's Place, left on Island. (over night) 115.
Big Four, left on Island. 124.
Ritchie's Place, right on Mainland. (Dinner) 132.
Selwyn, right on Mainland. 142.
Woodchopper's Cabin, right on Island. 146.
Captain Whalen's Place, right on Island (over night) 159.
Selkirk, right on Mainland. (Dinner) 176.
(Over C.D. Cut Off.)
C.D. Post No. 9. 180.
Patterson's. 188.
Minto. (over night) 200.
Mackey's Post. (Dinner) 224.
Five Finger Post. 228.
Taylor & Robinson's (over night) 246.
Cormack's. (Dinner) 248.
Montague. (over night) 268.
Chico. (Dinner) 290.
Foot of LeBarge. (over night) 315.
Head of LeBarge. 345.
White Horse. (End of Trail, nine days.) 370.