Victims of the Palm Sunday Avalanche
Chilkoot Pass, Alaska - April 3, 1898

Compiled by Bob Spude
Formatted by Karl Gurcke, National Park Service, Skagway

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Headboards, 1979
Dyea Trail
April 9, 1898
New York Times
April 11, 1898
Alaska Mining Record
April 13, 1898
  Anderson, Andrew Anderson, Andrew Anderson, A.
Anderson, Peter      
  Anderson, O.    
      Anderson, Oscar
Anderson, O.W.      
Atkins, S.   Atkins Atkins, S.
Atwood, E.D. Atwood, E.D. Atwood, Edward Atwood, Ed
    Auglund, Albert   [Englund?]  
C. Beck C. Beck C. Beck C. Beck
  Bissell, A.D. Bissell, A.D.  
  Bissell, Aldridge D.    
Carl, W.     Carl, W.
Carroll, William Carroll, William Carroll, William  
      Chappell, A.
Chapper, Walter      
      Chappie, W.
    Chappey, Walter  
Clark, J.P.     Clark, J.P.
  Clark, J.K.    
    Clark, Thomas Clark, Tom
    Collings, Thomas  
      Collins, T.
Culleden, Thos.      
    Cullender, Thomas  
      Cullin, Thomas
  Cullinan, Thomas    
  Cullinen, Thomas    
  Dahlstrom, W.A.   Dahlstrom, W.A.
    Dhomstrom, W.H.  
      Doran, A.  
Doran, Ed     Doran, Ed
Doran, J.E. Doran, J.E.    
Doran, James Edward      
    Durber Durber
  Easterbrook, R.L.   Easterbrook, R.L.
    Esterbrook, R.L.  
    Egbert, George  
  Eggert, George   Eggert, Geo.
Englund, A. Englund, Albert [Auglund, Albert] Englund, A.
    Falk, William  
  Falke, William   Falke, Wm.
  Falke, William    
Fetter, V.      
      Flinn, T.
    Garrison, W.E. Garrison
  Gepfert, Con    
Gephard, Con      
    Geppert, Con Geppert, Con
    Glenn, T.G.  
Glinn, T.      
  Glynn, Timothy Glynn, T.  
Gray, Allen     Grey, Allen
    Grimes, F.M.  
Grimes, S. Grimes, S.M. Grimes, S.M. Grimes, S.
Grimes, W.   Grimes, W. Grimes, W.
    Grizzeley, Preston  
Haines, E.P.   Haines, E.P.  
      Haynes, C.P.
Harrison, C.P.   Harrison, C.P. Harrison, C.P.
  Harrison, J.V.    
      Hedegard, Rasmus
    Hedyeard, Rosmus  
  Hegard, Ras    
  Holt, C.M.    
    Holt, Harry Holt, Harry
    Homer, C.R.  
  Hudson, E.J. Hudson, E.J.  
      Hudson, E.T.
Hutton, E.T.      
  Jaeger, Henry    
    Jueger, H.  
  Johnson, Chris    
  Johnson, Oscar    
      Johnson, E.R.
    Johnson, T.R.  
  Kenney, C.W.    
      Kinner, E.
    Kinney, C.H.  
  King, Albert F.   King
    King, A.S.  
Leon, G.     Leon, Geo.
  Lewis, Geo. Lewis, George Lewis, Geo.
    Loon, G.  
Maxon, Mrs. A.V. Maxson, Mrs. Anna Mozer, Mrs. Annie Maxon, Mrs. A.
  Merchant, John Merchant, John Merchant, John
McLinnan, Daniel      
  McNeil, C.L. McNeil, C.L. McNeil, C.L.
    McNeil, Sanford McNeil, Sanford
    Miller, E.F.  
    Miller, Frank  
  Millet, Frank   Millett, Frank
    Milton, G.J.  
Morgan, John A. Morgan, John A.   Morgan, John A.
    Morgan, J.R.  
      Mulblane, Mrs.
Murphy, J.C.     Murphy, J.C.
    Murphy, J.M.  
Noscitur [see Note]      
      Omall, Wm.
Osborn, George L.      
  Pearce, J.B. Pearce, J.B.  
Pierce, J.     Pierce, J.
  Preston, Austin Preston, Austin Preston, Austin
      Rasmus, Con
      Ready, John
  Reddy, John    
    Reese, J.  
Riley, W. L. Riley, W. L. Riley, Mrs. W. L. Riley, W. L.
Riser, George     Riser, Geo.
    Ritchie, George Ritchey
    Ryan, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs.
      Sailing, Geo.
Saley, Jeff Saling, Jeff Soley, Jeff Saley, Jeff
    Schona, Matt  
    Seabarth, Gus  
    Seaborn, Gus Seaborn
      Smallwood, James
  Smallwood, Joseph Smallwood, Joseph  
    Smith, C. F.  
Smith, G. F. Smith, G. F.   Smith, G. F.
    Smith, J. W.  
Sprague, Frank Sprague, Frank Sprague, Frank  
      Sprague, J.
Stevenson, S.   Stevenson, Steve Stevenson, S.
  Turner, Curtiss C.    
  Uelen, O. A.    
Uhlin, George      
      Uhlin, John
    Uler, O. A.  
  Vogel, John    
  Wall, Thomas   Wall, Thomas
    Warner, M. M. Warner
      Warner, W. F.
  Warner, W. H.    
    Weidin, L.  
Weidelein, L.      
  Weidelin, L.    
      Widelin, I.
  Welch, Mark    
      Wood, E. D.
      Yeager, H.
      Zebauld, Gus
  Ziebarta, Gus    

"Noscitur" is likely a misspelling of "nescitur," Latin for "(it) is not known."