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Yukon River steamer Dawson City launched, 1898

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Alameda Daily Argus (Alameda, California) - March 21, 1898

Yukon River steamer Dawson City to be launched, 1898

    Invitations have been issued by the California-Alaska Mining and Transport Company for the launching of the company's new steamer, Dawson City, at the shipyards of Stone & Wilson, Hunter's Point, San Francisco, to-morrow (Tuesday) morning at 11:45 o'clock.

    A steam launch will take on the San Francisco guests at Folsom street wharf at 10:30 A. M. and carry them to the launching. A tug will also meet Alameda, Oakland and Berkeley guests at the same time at the narrow gauge mole.

    The Cal-Alaskan Mining and Transport Company is incorporated. Its officers and directors are as follows: Colonel A. W. Von Schmidt, President; John A. Miller, Vice-President; Michael Kane, Treasurer; Charles E. Naylor, Attorney and Secretary, and D. A. Reed. Joseph A. Leonard is the company's expedition manager.

    The capital stock is $100,000, divided into 100,000 shares at $1 each. The company owns its steamers, suitable for ocean and river navigation; also dredging machinery and other necessary mining tools and accessories.

    Its first expedition goes thoroughly equipped for an eighteen months' stay, and will leave San Francisco about May 15th in the steamer Dawson City under command of Captain E. A. Von Schmidt, assistant manager of the expedition.

The Examiner (San Francisco) - March 24, 1898

Yukon River steamer Dawson City launched, 1898

Yukon River steamer Dawson City launched, 1898

    A staunch steamer was added yesterday to the fleet which will carry gold-seekers Northward. The steamer Dawson City was launched from Stone & Wilson's yard at Hunter's Point at noon. As she slid into the waves she was christened by Miss Rose von Schmidt, granddaughter of the veteran dredger inventor. The young woman made a neat little speech, in which she proclaimed her pleasure in performing the baptismal ceremony and closed with the words: "Worthy little craft, with loving heart I name thee Dawson City."

    Captain Bolles, Inspector of Hulls, says the new vessel is one of the staunchest for her size ever built here, and he would readily give her a certificate to go around Cape Horn. She is ninety-two feet long, 22 feet beam, has double twin-screws, two triple expansion engines and a minimum speed of sixteen knots an hour. The new craft belongs to the California-Alaska Mining and Transport Company, a co-operative incorporation formed to dredge for gold in the Yukon and its tributaries. An expedition formed among her owners will start northward in May next, and the vessel will also carry about thirty passengers,

    Joseph A. Leonard is the President of the company and made a short speech, in which he expressed the hope that the venture undertaken by men with an honest purpose and on a safe basis would meet with success. Dr. John A. Miller, Vice-President of the company, made a reference to the ship Argo and its search for the golden fleece of Colchis and prophesied for the latter-day Argonauts an equally successful voyage. Charles E. Naylor, the attorney of the company, made a few happy remarks of a congratulatory nature, and then the new vessel was towed to Folsom-street wharf, where her engines will be put in and the interior completed.

    Among those on board were: Colonel A. W. von Schmidt, Captain and Mrs. E. A. von Schmidt, Miss Rose von Schmidt, Charles E. Naylor, George E. Plummer, Dr. and Mrs. John A. Miller, E. J. Holt, Joseph A. Leonard, Hugh Haggerty, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Clover, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mockel, Mrs. Herman and daughter, Charles Herman, Mrs. Anderson, E. W. Mastin, Mrs. H. C. Barnes, Mrs. E. G. Barnes, Byron Jackson, Captain Barnes, Miss Zeh, G. Zeh, Mrs. J. Woodrum and others. Many of the gentlemen present will be members of the expedition.

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) - March 24, 1898

Yukon River steamer Dawson City launched, 1898


    At Hunters Point the steamer Dawson City was yesterday successfully launched.

    Quite a number of well-known Oaklanders, some of whom are financially interested in the new craft, left the narrow-gauge pier and were carried on a tug to Stone & Wilson's ship yard to witness the launch. Just at high noon the foreman cried "All clear," and the last blocks being knocked away, the Dawson City glided gracefully into the bay.

    This boat is another of the many steamers destined for the Alaska trade and is owned by the California-Alaska Mining and Transportation Company, which has been incorporated with the following officers: Col. A. W. Von Schmidt, president; John A. Miller, vice-president; Michael Kane, treasurer; Charles E. Naylor, attorney and secretary; and D. A. Reed. Joseph A. Leonard is the manager of the transportation business.

    The company is capitalized at $100,000, divided into 100,000 shares at $1 each, and will own its own ocean and river steamers, also dredging machinery and all mining accessories.

    The first trip of the Dawson City will be made about May 15th and she will be under the command of Captain E. A. Von Schmidt. The expedition will be well outfitted, going prepared for an eighteen-months stay.

    As most of the company's stock is owned in Oakland and vicinity on this side of the bay, the progress of this company's affairs will be watched with most friendly interest here.

    The bark Alan McNeil is putting out the last of her coal load at Taylor's bunkers and is taking in sand ballast by another hatchway as stiffening for her journey across the bay. She there loads supplies for the Alaska fishing fleet.