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Joseph Leonard and the steamer Dawson City, 1898

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Alameda Daily Argus (Alameda, California) - March 24, 1898

The Leota Ready For Launching, 1898

    The Leota, the stern-wheel river boat that has been building in the rear of D. G. Mackenzie's home, 2020 Clinton avenue, for the Alameda-Alaska Trading and Mining Company, will be launched in another week or ten days. The craft is 62 feet long and 16 feet beam, and was built by Mr. Mackenzie according to his own plans.

    "The boat was named Leota," said Mr. Mackenzie to an ARGUS reporter, this morning, "because it was an odd name, and then, too, in sending east for her boiler we had to give her name and the dimensions of the boat's hull."

    This company, of which Mr. Mackenzie is president, Fred Alton treasurer and Mr. Hanson of San Francisco secretary, meets at the home of the first named every Wednesday night. There are in all fifteen members and Mr. Mackenzie says there is room for but three more.

    "The machinery for the boat has been in course of construction in San Francisco," continued Mr. Mackenzie, "and when completed will be fitted in the Leota. She will then be given a trial trip. If successful the machinery will be removed, and the outfit will be placed aboard the bark McNell and carried to St. Michaels.

    "We expect to start between the 1st and 15th of May. From St. Michaels we will make our own way. We expect to go up with full outfits and drawing less than two foot of water. We expect to carry about eighteen months' provisions and also take a small sawmill outfit along with us, and we will go with the best of hopes. If one of our party makes a strike we will all have plenty of work."

    The Leota is practically ready to be launched, but the builder hopes to put up the frame work for the cabin and do some further painting. Her builder claims that the Leota is constructed on the best lines of any boat of her kind on the bay.

    As yet the company has not decided upon a captain for the expedition, but it is kely that Captain Merriman will be selected.