The Langlow Family
in Alaska and the Yukon


The failure of the younger brother to arrive at Forty Mile in 1896 in time to meet the last departing riverboat was to affect the lives of many people, both family and friends. Brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, collateral relatives and many others were thus drawn to the Klondike, or felt its consequences as long as they lived. Some came out of the Yukon with sufficient funds upon which to base their future careers.

Jens and Louis, as beneficiaries of the most successful claims, attained financial independence. Both built substantial homes: Louis at 6th Avenue and K Street in Tacoma, and Jens in his hometown of Stranda, Norway, to which he returned some time after the mining properties were disposed of. The three brothers had real estate investments in Tacoma, formed Langlow Bros. Building Co., were incorporators, officers and investors in Union Packing Co. and built the Langlow Building at 12th and Pacific Avenue in Tacoma. This building had been sold years before it was torn down to form part of the espande leading from Pacific Avenue to Commerce Street.

Knute Langlow was superintendent of Union Packing Co. which operated salmon canneries in Alaska at Kell Bay, Kulu Island in 1901, 1902 and 1903, and at Kvichak River, Bristol Bay in 1904. No doubt Klondike gold supported this investment as the salmon canning was not profitable. (Ref: McKeown)

Jens established a hydro-electrical generating system for his hometown, raised and educated a large family and died a venerated elder of Stranda in 1963 at the age of ninety-one.

The Louis Langlow home on the northwest corner of 6th Avenue and K Street in Tacoma is still standing, with store fronts along the street level , erected after it ceased to be the family home. The family moved in the early 1920's to Concord, California, where they maintained a walnut ranch for many years. Louis died in Tacoma, August 23, 1929 at age 67. Knute Langlow died after a long illness on January 16, 1922 at age 65. These two shortened lives no doubt reflect some of the severe hardships suffered during the trying condi tions of the gold fields of the far north.


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