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The Langlow Family in Alaska and the Yukon

Wesley A. Langlow, Editor and Compiler
Dated June 1, 1981


Some eighty-eight years have passed since one or more of the Langlow family searched for gold in Alaska and the Yukon. It has been my self- assumed task to verify the facts and reconstruct the story of this search. This endeavor began long after these pioneers had gone to their reward. While living, they had been too modest to dwell upon their exploits in the Klondike. Verification and reconstruction required search for and review of many independent sources.

This account refers principally to three Langlow brothers from Stranda, Norway: Lars (Louis), born 1862; Jens, born 1874; and to a lesser degree, Knute, born 1857. Also included, with particular admiration, are Ingeborg Waldal Langlow, wife of Louis and their daughter, Marie.

Thanks to Pierre Berton's Klondike Fever, Tappan Adney's The Klondike Stampede and the Norwegian book Gull by Gerhard Kjolas, the story of the Langlow family in the gold fields can be set out in some detail.

The Kjolas book consists of the personal experiences of residents from the Stranda area in Norway who had taken part in various stampedes in the far north. The narrative which follows this introduction consists of material taken verbatim from the Kjolas book, as translated into English by helpful volunteers. Following each such excerpt is my personal commentary and clarification, based on other sources. Reference is made to published material by author's name, such as Berton and Wharton. All such references are listed in a separate bibliography.

It is hoped that the particulars of this pioneering venture will be of interest to the scattered descendants of the participants.

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Epilogue & Bibliography

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