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Features & Maps by Bill Jones

    Lt. Col. Wilmer (Bill) Jones retired from the US Air Force in 1973.  The study of Archaeology and Anthropology has been his life time interest. Although having no degree in these sciences, Bill has completed more academic courses than would be required for a degree program, both during and after his military career.

    During service in Alaska 1950-1965, Bill became interested in the Native people. He traveled widely amongst the Athabascan and Inuit villages of the Interior and Arctic studying their cultures. Some of the flight charts he used depicted many old village sites that had long been abandoned. Curiosity lead him to delve into the situations that existed when the first Europeans ventured into the North. He found a different picture of Arctic and Northern cultures than was portrayed in literature.

    Upon retiring from military service in 1973, Bill undertook a project to define the geography, history, and anthropology of the Northern Arctic region. His study and research of Arctic and Northern Cultures and their history have continued for more than 45 years. Archaeology of the Americas has been his main interest for the past 25 years.

    The maps that Bill crafted mixes geography, ancient and present cultures, and habitats, of the Arctic and Northern Regions, covering a time line from prehistoric to present.


Book Review: Legacy of the Chief
A review of Ron Simpson's historic novel about Alaska's Kennecott mine and the Copper River Indians.

Book Review: Arctic Village
A review of Robert Marshall's 1930 book about Wiseman, Alaska.

Tigara and Ipiutak: Two Alaska Ghost Cities
An introduction to a pair of ancient Inuit villages near Point Hope, Alaska.

The Geology of Ancient Alaska
Bill looks at the origin of the landmass now called Alaska, and the arrival of the first people.

The Terrains and Climate of Alaska
Part 2 of the introduction to the land and its people.

About Arctic Alaska
An introduction to the land and its people.

Did American Aborigines have Culture?

Before.... Nothing but Ice

Bye Bye, Beringia

A Merged History of Canada and The United States


Map of Athabascan Territories in the Yukon (167 Kb)

Map of the Gwichin Territory in Alaska (422 Kb)

Map of the Alaskan Arctic (330 Kb)

Map of the upper Yukon River (314 Kb)

Map of the territory of the Koyukon and neighboring people in Alaska (403 Kb)

Map of the Athabaskan Cultures of Alaska (393 Kb)

Map of Northwest Exploration as of 1867 (442 Kb)

The cultural habitats of Alaska's Lower Yukon River and Upper Kuskokwim River (432 Kb)

Map of southern Alaska culture habitats (269 Kb)

Territorial map of the Tanana Culture and neighboring people in Alaska (383 Kb)