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Canada's Air Mail Stamp, 1941

The Whitehorse Star

Whitehorse, Y.T., August 15, 1941

Canada's Air Mail Stamp

    Canadian Aviation in the editorial columns of its June issue has this suggestion regarding the air mail stamps now in use in Canada:

    "People who pause to examine the air mail postage stamps they use in Canada might well be puzzled by the engraving which decorates them. Presumably, an air mail stamp in a country where airline traffic is thriving should symbolize this spectacular activity. Actually, the Canadian air mail stamp portrays an obsolete Sekani freighting plane hovering over a paddlewheel river boat somewhere along the ramparts of the Mackenzie.

    "The Sekani was designed and manufactured in Canada but it made only one brief appearance in November 1937, then was withdrawn from circulation without being adopted commercially.

    "We would suggest a good reproduction of a Trans-Canada or a Yukon Southern Lodestar airliner over the Rocky Mountains or in some such characteristic attitude would be infinitely more representative of air mail achievement."

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The text is from the Whitehorse Star, the stamp graphic from the collection of Murray Lundberg