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Whitehorse Pioneer Biographies, 1900-1965

    This page contains a wide variety of biographies and death notices related to people buried at the Pioneer Cemetery in Whitehorse. The cemetery, which closed in 1965, was called the 6th Avenue Cemetery until 1975. The information on this page has been copied primarily from Whitehorse newspapers.

ADAMS, J. (1856-1938)

The Whitehorse Star, July 8, 1938:

    A familiar figure has been removed from our midst in the person of J. Adams who has resided in the Yukon for many years and who passed away in the local hospital on Saturday.
    The late Mr. Adams was well-known throughout the Territory. He arrived in Victoria, B. C. from Scotland in 1882 and for a few years was employed on the steamer "City of Kingston" plying between the capital city and Tacoma. On coming north in 1899 he worked for a time on the steamer "Australian", at that time operating between Bennett and Miles Canyon. For many years he was pantryman on several of the B. Y. N. boats and for a time was also cook at the local police barracks in the days when a large contingent of police was stationed in Whitehorse. For some years he also operated the roadhouse at Takheena which he purcashed from Mr. W. A. Puckett and also another one located close to Yukon Crossing.
    During his long residenue in the Yukon the late Mr. Adams is understood to have accimilated two fortunes both of which were lost - the one in a hotel venture in Vancouver and the other in a restaurant business in Victoria.
    The late Mr. Adams was about 82 years at age at the time of his death. The funeral service was held Monday at Christ Church, the Rev. G. A. Cross officiating. Many local residents attended in order to pay their last respects to the departed.

ADAMSON, Thomas (1889-1956)

The Whitehorse Star, August 23, 1956:
Tom The Banker Dies
    Familiar to many local residents as "Tom the Banker," Thomas Adamson died in hospital on Saturday, August 18, after a brief illness. Mr. Adamson was at one time manager of a branch of the Royal Bank in Manitoba, and has been living in the Yukon for a number of years. He leaves a sister, Mrs. Hay, in Vancouver and a daughter in the United States. Funeral arrangements are being cared for by W. G. Morris.

AFFLECK, George Campbell (1893-1959)

The Whitehorse Star, February 26, 1959:
Funeral Rites For Veteran
    Funeral services were held February 21 for the late George C. Affleck. A war veteran, Mr. Affleck was born 67 years ago in Trenton, Ontario. He had been a Yukon resident for about 16 years.
    Left to mourn his passing are his wife Mrs. B. Affleck of Edmonton, sons Donald J. and Harold also of Edmonton and a daughter, Mrs. Marjorie McNair in Calgary.
    Donald Affleck came to Whitehorse for his father's funeral. In charge of arrangements was William J. Morris. Pall bearers included Charlie Reynolds, Al Daws, Roy Graham, Weldon Reid, Johnny Yurshon and Bob Shea. Officiating at the graveside for the Legion service was Lorne Scott.

ALLAIRE, Albert (1902-1959)

His death at Whitehorse on June 22, 1959, was not reported except as a notice by the Public Administrator.

ALLISON, Leonard Frederick (1925-1960)

Leonard Allison served as a Sergeant in the Royal Engineers, British Expeditionary Force. His death at Watson Lake on March 7, 1960, was not reported except as a notice by the Public Administrator. His residence was stated to be Watson Lake.

ARP, Henry (1865-1941)

The Whitehorse Star, October 24, 1941:
    Mr. Henry Arp, a resident of Whitehorse for many years, passed away at 9 a.m. on October 12th aboard the steamer "Keno" en route up river from Dawson to this port. He was 75 years of age.
    Born in Germany the deceased went to the United States first settling in Iowa and later in California. It was from the latter State that he came north about 1900. One of the original subscribers for a membership ticket issued years ago in connection with the operation of the local General Hospital, he never availed himself of its benefit and, we understand, was the only one who maintained such ticket up the time of his demise.
    Upon the arrival of the Keno in port last Friday afternoon a burial service was held with the Rev. L. G. Chappell officiating and the remains interred in the local cemetery. We are informed that several local residents were named beneficiaries in his will, the executors of the estate being Messrs. Harry Berry and Gunner Wallen.

AUBREY, Joseph (1876-1908)

The Whitehorse Star, March 13, 1953:
Died At Local Hospital
    Joseph Aubrey, a young man about 30 years of age and hailing from Blue creek in the northeastern part of the state of Washington, died at the General hospital in this place last Friday morning from an aggravated case of tonsilitis, his throat swelling up until he practically choked to death. He had arrived a week previous to his death on his way to Dawson. Interment was in the local cemetery.

AUSTON, Marion (1920-1954)
AUSTON, Wilfred (1951-1954)

The Whitehorse Star, April 9, 1954:
Second Fire Victim Dies From Burns
    Mrs. Marion Auston, age 34, who was seriously burned in a fire that destroyed her home March 11, died in Whitehorse General Hospital last Tuesday, April 6.
    Wilfred, her three-year-old son, died from burns the day following the fire, and her five-year-old daughter Louise was injured.
    Mrs. Auston was born at Fort Selkirk, Y.T., and leaves her husband Robert, two daughters, and her mother Julia living in Whitehorse.

BANKS, Hugh (1897-1953)

The Whitehorse Star, March 13, 1953:
Hugh Banks Dies After Fall
    Hugh Banks, age 60, operator of the Cracker Creek Inn, died in the Whitehorse General Hospital last Saturday afternoon. Death was said to be from head injuries received in a fall.
    According to information received by The Star, Banks was released from the RCMP Guardhouse last Thursday after serving ten months of a one-year sentence for being in possession of stolen Army goods.
    Following his release, Banks and his family were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pinchin. When they were leaving Mr. Banks is said to have gone ahead and must have tripped and fallen down the stairs, for he came back complaining of a sore arm. He was put to bed and appeared unconscious the following morning, so was rushed to the hospital. He died Saturday.

BARNETT, Katharine Marie "Kathy" (1963-1964)

The Whitehorse Star, January 27, 1964:
    In the recent bereavement of Kathy, our daughter, we would like to thank all of the many persons who were so comforting to us. Special thanks to Padre Barclay, S/L B.R. and Mrs. Thomson and personnel of RCAF Whitehorse.
    Stuart and Norah Barnett and daughter Betty.

Kathy was born on September 16, 1963.

BARR, Donald Earl (1931-1963)

His death at Watson Lake on November 23, 1963, was not reported except as a notice by the Public Administrator. His residence was stated to be Cassiar.

BASINGER, Florence E. (1896-1956)

The Whitehorse Star, January 3, 1957:
    Mrs. Archie Basinger, 60, of Haines Junction died in Whitehorse December 4. She had lived in the Yukon about two years prior to her death. She is survived by six children and 18 grandchildren. Included amongst those surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Norm Bastien at Haines Junction and Mrs. Karman at Mile 48, Haines Road.

BAYERS, Kenneth Thomas (1922-1950)

The Whitehorse Star, April 28, 1950:
Tragedy at the Border. Young Man Shoots Self Before Police Arrive
    Along the Alaska Highway near the Border, Kenneth Thomas Bayers, 28, shot himself to death in the early hours of Monday, April 24. He arrived in the Yukon some time ago from Vancouver and_recently had been in the employ of a prospecting party in the White River district but at the time of the tragedy he was unemployed. A bottle of rum was his undoing. Whilst under the influence of liquor he turned against the hand that had fed him and ran counter to the law. The police were notified but before their arrival Bayers committed suicide presumably whilst in a state of despondency. We are informed he had a prison record. The remains are being buried in Whitehorse.

BEAULIEU, Jean Marie (1922-1953)

The Whitehorse Star, October 24, 1941:
Excessive Liquor Kills Soldier. 1953
    Pte. Jean Marie Beaulieu, R.C.A.M.C., died suddenly last Friday evening after excessive drinking in a local cocktail lounge.
    According to reports, Beaulieu is believed to have bet a friend that he could drink two double overproof rums straight down. This he did and shortly afterwards collapsed. He was taken to Provost headquarters, where he died.
    An inquest held Saturday brought in a verdict of "Death through excessive use of alcohol, self-administered."

BECKER, Theodore (1855-1938)

The Whitehorse Star, January 14, 1938:
Theodore Becker, pioneer mining man, passes away in the local hospital, 1938
    We regret to report the passing of Theodore Becker, at the age of 83 years, at the Whitehorse General Hospital after a short illness. The funeral was held on Wednesday and interment took place in the local cemetery.
    The late Mr. Becker has been engaged in mining all his life and with his partner Mr. Cochrane has worked upon claims in the Wheaton country for many years. He arrived in the Yukon in the early days and was widely known and well respected by a large number of friends who now mourn his loss.

BERRY, Harry (1867-1947)

The Whitehorse Star, July 25, 1947:
    His many friends will be sorry to hear that Mr. Harry Berry entered the local hospital yesterday morning in a somewhat serious condition.

    Stop Press: We regret to state Mr. Harry Berry passed away last night at the Whitehorse General Hospital at about 5 o'clock.

BIDDLE, Albert Victor (1877-1952)

The Whitehorse Star, July 18, 1952:

Truck Driver
Takes Own Life

    Albert Victor Biddle, 65 years of age, ended his life last week with a bullet through the head.
    Biddle had recently gone to Haines, Alaska to live, giving his Canadian address as Beaver Creek, Y.T.
    Evidently he had become despondent and took his life. He was buried in Whitehorse last Wednesday morning. The services being conducted by Rev. N. Tannar.

BILES, George Walter, S/Sgt. (1912-1942)

Clark County Courier (Kahoka, Missouri), December 18, 1942:

    Mr. and Mrs. Virgil LaFrenz received the sad news Friday of the death of Staff Sergeant George Walter Biles, who died in Alaska, Dec. 3, 1942, cause undetermined. George was 29 years old and came to live at the LaFrenz home when nine years old., He received most of his education in the Wyaconda school. He united with the Christian church when quite small, of which he never lost connection and sent his offering to the church shortly before his death.
    He joined the U. S. armed forces 27 months ago and started training at Ft. Logan, Colorado, and from there went with his company to Vancouver, Wash., and had been in Alaska since March this year.

BILOW, Fred Carl Edward (1925-1958)

The Whitehorse Star, May 22, 1958:
Carbon monoxide
Killed resident

    Found dead near his home at Mile 907 last week was Frederick Carl Bilow, 33. Cause of death appeared to be carbon monoxide poisoning. Mr. Bilow had been working in the Yukon for seven years. His most recent job was at Spruce Creek in the Atlin district where he was employed in a mining venture.
    Apparently he left the camp May 6 and was not seen again. Reported missing the following weekend, he was discovered by RCMP May 14, in his car parked near Wolke Creek.
    No inquest was held. A private funeral was held last Saturday with Rev. A. L. Privett officiating. Arrangements were in care of William J. Morris.
    Born in Boston Bar, B. C., Carl was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Bilow. He is survived by both parents. His father came to Whitehorse to attend the funeral last week.

BLACK, Mark Anthony "Tony" (1957-1957)

The Whitehorse Star, December 5, 1957:
BLACK - Mark Anthony "Tony"
    Beloved and infant son of LAC and Mrs. T. H. Black. Passed away suddenly at the Military Hospital Saturday, November 23, 1957. Funeral service was held 2:30 pm Monday, November 24, 1957 at Christ Church Cathedral, conducted by RCAF Padre Hedley-Smith, assisted by Rector Previtt. Both church and cemetery services were largely attended by the many friends of the sad and bereaved parents.
    Tony was born on November 15, 1957.

BLAKER, Ethel Violet (1887-1961)

The Whitehorse Star, November 2, 1961: Rites For City Woman
    Funeral rites for Mrs. Ethel Blaker of this city will be held next week. Mrs. Blaker was born in London, England in 1887 and came to the Yukon in 1920. She is survived by two sons, Dennis of Vancouver and Fred, who is Whitehorse city fire chief. Also surviving is one sister in Vancouver and other relatives in England.

    Mrs. Blaker was pre-deceased by her husband, Philip Munday Blaker, who died on February 20, 1960.

BLANCHARD, John (1892-1956)

The Whitehorse Star, February 9, 1956:
Last Rites For John Blanchard
    Funeral services for the late John Blanchard who passed away after a lengthy illness on February 3 in his 64th year were conducted from the Old Log Church on Tuesday at 2:30 pm with Rev. John Hesketh officiating. Interment followed in the Whitehorse Cemetery. Funeral arrangements were made by Gordon Wallden.

BORGESON, Walter (1930-1964)

The Whitehorse Star, March 16, 1964:
    Walter Borgeson, 34, died in the Keegan Electric building on Lowe St. at about 3:30 a.m, Sunday when the building was gutted by fire. Mr. Borgeson was in a back bedroom of the premises when his body was discovered beside the bed on the floor by firemen. An inquest will be held. Les Keegan, also an occupant of the building, escaped. City Fire Chief Fred Blaker said origin of the fire has not yet been determined.

BOSS, Ned (1915-1959)

The Whitehorse Star, December 31, 1959:
Funeral Rites
    Funeral services were held yesterday for the late Ned Boss. The Rev. G. B. Richmond conducted the final rites at the Bethany Tabernacle and interment followed at Whitehorse cemetery. Wallden Funeral ome were in charge of arrangements.
    Approximately 11 a.m. December 24, police found Mr. Boss dead at his home. It is believed he had taken his own life.
    Born April 1915, Mr. Boss was the son of Jim Boss, Chief of the Laberge Indians. He is survived by his wife Stella and four children.

BRODHAGEN, Charles J. (1877-1960)

The Whitehorse Star, April 21, 1960:
Funeral Rites For Watson Man
    Private graveside services were held April 14 for the late Charles J. Brodhagen. Born 83 years ago in Brodhagen, Ontario, he died April 8 following a heart attack.
    Mr. Brodhagen had lived in the Yukon almost 12 years, most of that time in Watson Lake. He is survived by his son, Ernest, of Watson Lake.
    The Rev. A. L. Privett conducted the final rites. Interment took place at Whitehorse cemetery.

BROOME, John (1919-1962)

The Whitehorse Star, January 8, 1962:
John Broome Dies Here
    John Broome, 42, died in his room at 301 Jarvis Street Saturday. Cause of death was attributed to accidental suffocation. No inquest will be held. Mr. Broome is survived by his mother, Mrs. Joe Pickett in Montreal.

January 11, 1962: JOHN BROOME, 42, who died at 301 Jarvis on Saturday, had been burned out of his cabin home on Moccasin Flats during the Christmas season.

BROWN, John Douglas (1955-1955)

"Johnny" Brown, the son of Whitehorse dog catcher Douglas Allen Brown and his wife Jean Norma Brown, was born on December 1st, 1955. A twin girl, Joanne, was also born. Johnny died after 5 days, on December 5th - he was buried in the 6th Avenue Cemetery, but the location has been lost.

BURBANK. Oscar (1839-1927)

The Whitehorse Star, April 1, 1927:
    Gene Jacquot, Louis Jacquot and Oscar Burbank arrived in town last Saturday from Kluane. Louis will be leaving for home in a few days but Gene and Mr. Burbank will remain in town for a time. Mr. Burbankps last visit to town was in 1914.

May 6, 1927: The funeral of the late Oscar Burbank, who passed away at the hospital here on Thursday morning, will be held from the United Church at 2.30 on Sunday afternoon.

May 6, 1927: Funeral Of Oscar Burbank.
    The remains of the late Oscar Burbank were laid away in the cemetery here on Sunday afternoon. The service was conducted in the United Church by Rev. G. H. Findlay and was largely attended by friends of the deceased. The pallbearers were Dennis O'Connor, Captain P. Martin, Jos. Bingham, H. Chambers, H. G. Macpherson and T. H. Kerruish.

BURTON, Sherry Lea (1961-1961)

The Whitehorse Star, July 13, 1961:
    BURTON - Born to and Mrs. R. Burton at the Whitehorse General Hospital on July 2 a daughter, Sherry Lea, 8 lbs. 1 1/2 oz.

September 7, 1961: Child Found Dead
    Sherry Lea, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond George Burton of Mile 926, was found dead in: her carriage August 28. The child's father made the tragic discovery and reported to police at 6:30 p.m. Monday.
    The coroner, Dr. W. R. Buchan, stated death appeared to be due to pneumonia. No inquest was ordered. Baby Burton was born July 2 this year.

CADDY, Violet Ethel May (1855-1950)

The Whitehorse Star, September 29, 1950:
    Friends and relatives of Mrs. M. Caddy who died this week paid their last respects on Tuesday.
    The funeral was held from Christ church on Tuesday September 26th at 2:30 p.m. Burial took place in the Whitehorse Cemetery with Reverend C. Stanger officiating.
    Mrs. Caddy has been a resident of Whitehorse for 22 years in which time she made a number of friends. She is survived by her husband J. C. Caddy of Hope Bay, Pender Island B.C. and a son C. H. Caddy, 4 daughters, Margery, Doris, Alma and Edyth. Eight grandchildren all of Whitehorse.

CAHILL, J. Ambrose (1912-1958)

The Whitehorse Star, January 16, 1958:
    Watson Lake lost another resident in the passing of Ambrose Cahill during the night of January 8. Ambrose was well known in the district, and worked with the Catholic Church both at Watson Lake and Lower Post. An inquest will be held.

CAMP, infant son (1946-1947)

The Whitehorse Star, January 24, 1947:
    Their many friends will sympathize with Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Camp who had the misfortune to lose their three-months-old baby on WednesDay. Funeral services, conducted by Rev. Canon L. G. Chappell, L. Th., were held today.

    On March 31, 1950, the family was reported to have moved to Calgary.

CAMPBELL, Lucy (?-1956)

The Whitehorse Star, August 30, 1956:
    Mrs. Lucy Campbell, formerly a resident of Telegraph Creek, died in Whitehorse General Hospital August 7 after a short illness. Mrs. Campbell was buried in Whitehorse on August 16. Funeral arrangements were taken care of by Wm. J. Morris.

CARMICHAEL, baby (1908-1908)

The Whitehorse Star, August 30, 1956:
Carmichael Baby Dead
    A son was born to the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. N Carmichael Wednesday morning but died shortly after birth. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of their many friends.

CARUSO, Ralph (1925-1952)

Born: 1925, Died August 11, 1952

    This is a sad story of a senseless act of violence which left one man dead. Ralph Caruso worked for the White Pass & Yukon Route railway. To help make ends meet, he took a second job as a part time driver for Inn Cabs. On the evening of August 11th Ralph was dispatched to pick up a fare on 4th Avenue. Joseph Mahnsten (alias Joe Brent and Joe Armstrong) and Glenn Smith (alias Lloyd Olsen) got into Ralph's cab. Glenn told Ralph to drive them to Prince George, British Columbia, several hundred miles south of Whitehorse. When Ralph refused, a quarrel ensured and according to the testimony given at the trial by Joseph, Glenn shot and killed Ralph.
    According to Joseph, Glenn was very drunk and earlier that evening had caused trouble in the Regina Hotel cocktail lounge and had also shot off his gun in the Whitehorse Inn. Glenn was convicted of Ralph's murder and was sentenced to hang on July 10. Joseph received three months for accessory to the crime. Both men were army deserters.

CASE, James Lee (1894-1946)

No death notice has been located, but beginning on October 25, 1946, the following notice was published 4 times in The Whitehorse Star:
of $25.00 will be paid to any person giving information leading to the recovery of the following jewellery which belonged to the late James L. Case who died at Whitehorse on the 5th of May, 1945, viz: 1 Diamond Horseshoe Tie Pin, 1 Gold Albert Watch Chain and Spade Guinea attached, 1 Set Gold Dress Shirt Studs. Apply John J. Petrie, K. C., 819 Lancaster Building, Calgary, Alberta, Agent for Mrs. Muriel J. Case.

CASSVANT, George (1853-1921)

The Weekly Star, April 1, 1921:

    George Cassvant, after a lingering illness from cancer of the stomach, died in the Whitehorse General hospital at an early hour Wednesday morning.
    He was 67 years of age, unmarried so far as kmown, and a native of Quebec. Came to the Yukon with the rush of gold-seekers in '98, engaged in prospecting, mining and various other occupations until last fall when he came to this place. Soon after his arrival in Whitehorse he became porter and handy-man at the Commercial hotel, which position he held until a couple of months ago, when ill health forced him into the hospital which he was doomed never to leave alive. He was of a very reticent disposition and claimed to have no relatives living.
    The funeral will take place from the Catholic church on Sunday afternoon at two o'clock. Father S. E. Gallant will be here from Skagway to conduct the service.
    A patient, unfortunate soul; a graduate of the University of Difficulty, and quite content to go down to the grave uncomplaining.

CLARKE, Brock Somerset (1916-1916)
CLARKE, Somerset Brock(1916-1916)

The Weekly Star, November 17, 1916:
    At 4:45 and 6:30 o'clock on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 15, 1916, to Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Clarke, twin boys. The innocents were not destined long for this world, however, as one passed out at 1 o'clock on the afternoon of the day of its birth and the other at 4 o'clock a. m. Thursday. The funerals were conducted from the General hospital at 2 o'clock p. m. Thursday.
    The sympathies of the entire community are with the parents.

CLIFFORD, Ernest L. (1887-1952)

The Whitehorse Star, August 15, 1952:

    Funeral services for the late G. L. Clifford were held July 15th from the Old Log Church, Rev. Tannar officiating.
    Mr. Clifford had been a resident of the Yukon since 1946. He brought his family from England to Saskatchewan in 1913, residing in that province until moving to the Yukon.
    He is survived by three brothers and one sister in England, one sister in South Rhodesia, a son Henry at New Westminster, B.C, and a son George of Learle, Saskatchewan. A daughter Nancy and granddaughter Jean reside in Whitehorse.

CONWAT, Katherine (1902-1950)

The Whitehorse Star, November 1, 1950:
Whitehorse Woman
Found Dead in Home

    The body of a Whitehorse woman, Catherine Conway, 48 years of age, was found in her home this week.
    Mrs. Conway had been a resident of Whitehorse for some years. It is believed that death was caused from an overdose of sleeping pills.
    Burial will take place in Whitehorse Cemetery.

COMEAU, Mary (1897-1958)

The Whitehorse Star, January 8, 1959:
Rites For Mrs. Ted Comeau
    Funeral services were held this Aternoon for Mrs. Mary Comeau, beloved wife of Ted Comeau of this city. A Yukon resident since 1944, she was born Christmas Day, 1897 in Glasgow, Scotland, Her death occurred here December 27.
    Mrs. Comeau is survived by her husband and two sisters, Mrs. G. H. Crellin of Vancouver and Mrs. Lillian Nivin of Bournmouth, England. Rev. A. L. Privett conducted the funeral rites at the Old Log Church at 2 pm today. Pallbearers were Hugo Seaholm, William Mott, V. Kelly, C. Jensen, E. Emery and George Rose. Interment was at the Whitehorse cemetery. Wallden Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

COOMBS, David Franklin (1959-1963)

The Whitehorse Star, September 5, 1963:
Services Friday For David Coombs
    Funeral services will be held Friday at 2 p.m. from the United Church of Canada in Whitehorse for four-year-old David Coombs, second youngest son of RCMP Staff Sergeant and Mrs. W. A. Coombs of Whitehorse.
    Born in Ottawa, David came with his family to the Yukon in the summer of 1962 when they made their home in Riverdale. The youngster suffered a brief illness. His parents had flown out with him to Edmonton for special treatment at the University Hospital but he died on Tuesday.
    Surviving, in addition to his parents, are four brothers, Robert, John, Tom and Teddy. The family has asked that remembrances be made in the form of donations to the Canadian Cancer Society, rather than flowers, in the hope that some other child may be saved.
    The Rev. Harold P. Marston will officiate at the service. Interment will take place in the Masonic plot of the Whitehorse cemetery.

COPLAND, William Shrubfole (1875-1951)

The Whitehorse Star, June 1, 1951:
W. S. Copland Passes
    Mr. W. S. Copland, Yukon pioneer, passed away in Whitehorse last Wednesday morning in his 75th year.
    Mr. Copland came to the Yukon in 1905 as a prospector. For many years he served as manager of the Teslin store of Taylor and Drury Limited.
    In the 1920's he and Mrs. Copland left the Yukon for Australia where they resided close to 20 years, returning to the Yukon 4 years ago.
    A private funeral will be held next week.

CORBETT, James Hadden (1852-1917)

The Weekly Star, November 2, 1917:
    On October 19th, John H. Corbett, a miner from Dikeman, Alaska, died in the Whitehorse General Hospital. He had been on his way outside, to his old hime in Iowa.

COUTURE, Albert (a.k.a. Al Seams) (1891-1946)

The Whitehorse Star, October 18, 1946:

    At Sacred Heart Church on Wednesday Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of Mr. Albert Seams, who passed away at the local general hospital, was celebrated by Rev. Father Caron, O. M. I. Many of the old friends of the deceased attend the services including several from Mayo. The funeral was held under the auspices of the Army and Navy Club.
    The late Mr. Seams was of French Canadian extraction whose correct surname, Couture, he used when resident in the East in his early days. For many years during his residence in the Yukon he was employed in the mess-house of the Y. C. G. Co. Ltd., at Bear Creek, Dawson, and the Treadwell-Yukon Litd., at Keno Hill, Mayo district. He also served with the U. S. Armed Forces during the first World War.

DAVIS, Earle R. (1882-1902)

The Semi-Weekly Star, May 31, 1902:
    Earle R. Davis, who was taken to the General Hospital about a week ago suffering from typhoid fever, died at 7:10 on the morning of the 20th and was buried in the Whitehorse cemetery. He was about 20 vears old at the time of his death. His former home was in Mitchell, South Dakota, but it is not known whether he had any relatives or friends there.

DETRAZ, Margarete J. (1868-1947)

The Whitehorse Star, March 1, 1946:
    Henry Benjamin "Cy" Detraz of Coffee Creek has passed away suddenly.
    On March 15, 1946. Mrs. Detraz is in St. Mary's Hospital at Dawson. She then spent a few months with her daughter Mrs. J. H. McNeil in Dawson, and spent the rest of the summer with her daughter Mrs. Edwards in Carmacks. Mrs. Detraz's death was not reported in the newspaper.

DEVORE, Nina Fox (1898-1940)

The Whitehorse Star, September 20, 1940:

    We much regret having to announce the death of Mrs. Devore, wife of Mr. George Devore of Selkirk, Y. T., which occurred at the Whitehorse General Hospital on Sunday morning, September 15th, following an appendectomy. operation.
    Mr. Devore and his young son arrived here from Selkirk by White Pass plane on Saturday at the instance of Dr. N. A. Stewart.
    Funeral services were held at Christ Church here Tuesday with Rev. L. G. Chappell officiating. Interment took place in the Whitehorse cemetery.
    The deepest sympathy is extended to the bereaved one in the great loss they have sustained.

DICKSON, Clarence Russell (1922-1950)

The Whitehorse Star, October 20, 1950:

    A Whitehorse man, Clarence Dickson, was fatally wounded in a shooting affray early Saturday evening, October 14th.
    The shooting took place at the residence of Charles Caddy in "Whisky Flats". Reports state that Mr. Dickson was shot as he approached the home of Caddy. The shot is reported to have been fired from inside the house and it passed through a door striking Dickson, who died that evening in the General Hospital.
    Dickson is survived by his father and mother and two brothers in this city and a brother in Vancouver.
    Charles Caddy is being held in the custody of the police on a murder charge pending investigation.

DIXON, Gladys Muriel (1899-1963)
    Gladys Dixon died in Whitehorse on October 10, 1963. Her death was not reported except as a Notice to Claimants and Creditors.

DOEY, Judy May (1954-1957)

The Whitehorse Star, July 18, 1957:
    Funeral Services
    Funeral services for 2frac12; year old Judy May Doey who passed away July 15th, were held Thursday afternoon July 18th, at 2 p.m. from Kingdom Hall.
    L. Gilmore officiated and interment followed in the Whitehorse cemetery.
    Wallden Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

DRAINE, Catherine (1870-1902)

The Weekly Star, August 9, 1902:
    At the Whitehorse General Hospital on Tuesday, Aug. 5th, at 9 o'clock p. m., Mrs. Catherine Draine, a native of Rensselear, Ind., U.S. A., aged 32 years.
    Mrs. Draine for some time previous to her death had been a resident of Dawson but the 1st of March last was taken sick and in the early part of July reached Whitehorse on her way outside for medical treatment. After getting here, however, she was unable to continue her journey and was taken to the hospital where she remained until her death. Her parents are dead, but she leaves two brothers and six sisters to mourn her loss. One sister, Mrs. Jas. Hume, and one brother are residents of Whitehorse, the other brother is in Dawson aud five sisters live near the old home in Indiana.
    The funeral took place from the Presbyterian Church at 10 o'clock a. m., Thursday Aug. 7th, and was largely attended.

DRAYMAN, Demetri "Dan" (1882-1959)
    Dan Drayman died in Whitehorse on January 28, 1959. His death was not reported except as a Notice to Claimants and Creditors.

DYCK, Shawna Marie (1963-1963)

The Whitehorse Star, September 9, 1963:
    In Loving memory of Shawna Marie Dyck, born Aug. 22, 1963 and died Sept. 1, 1963.
    The family.

FERGUSON, Peter (1915-1965)

The Whitehorse Star, August 23, 1965:
Death Claims Two Residents
    Two well-known residents died this morning in Whitehorse General Hospital.
    Peter Ferguson, 50, had been ill for several months. Assistant to the general manager of White Pass and Yukon Route, he had been in Yukon for six years. He was president of the local unit of the Canadian Cancer Society.
    He is survived by his wife Frances and one son, Keir, a brother, Hugh, in West Vancouver and a sister, Mrs. H.W Ellis of Vancouver, who is in Whitehorse at present. Funeral services will be held Monday for Mr. Ferguson.
    Death also claimed Lionel Harold Dennison, long time resident of Whitehorse.

FRIGON, Robert James "Bob" (1926-1963)

    Robert James Frigon served with the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve as an Ordinary Seaman. He died on July 14, 1963 - there was no death notice in the newspaper until his wife Margaret posted one a year later, on July 1, 1964.

FULLER, Thomas (1875-1928)

May 4, 1928: "Tom Fuller, fireman on the Aksala, is a patient in the hospital."

September 7, 1928: "Died In Whitehorse Hospital. After an illness of several weeks Thomas Fuller passed away in the hospital here Thursday morning. Mr. Fuller came in last spring as a fireman on one of the White Pass boats but he was unable to follow this on account of poor health. He was born in England fifty years ago and is a widower. Nothing is known of his relatives."

September 14, 1928: "Funeral Service Sunday. Funeral services for the late Thomas Fuller were held Sunday afternoon by Rev. H. B. Metcalf. The body was laid to rest in the cemetery here."

GARLAND, babies (1901)

A baby boy and a baby girl were probably the children of Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Garland. On February 8, 1902, The Star reported that the couple had returned from Seattle, where they went last Fall for Mrs. Garland's health.

GEORGE, Margaret Clara "Clara" (?-1958)

The Whitehorse Star, December 28, 1945:
Last rites for Clara George
    Friends gathered Monday at the Army Chapel to pay their respects to the late Margaret Clara George, who died July 17, after a lengthy illness. The wife of highway maintenance superintendent Harry George, Mrs. George had lived at Brooks Brook for the past 11 years. She was born at Hamiota, Manitoba.
    W. G. Morris was in charge of final arrangements and interment took place at Whitehorse cemetery.

GILLIES, Norman McDonald (1906-1958)

His death at Whitehorse on December 12, 1958, was not reported except as a notice by the Public Administrator.

GOODMAN, Harry Ben (1897-1959)

The Whitehorse Star, May 21, 1959:

    Funeral services were held May 12 for Harry Ben Goodman who died in the Whitehorse General Hospital May 7 following a heart attack. He is survived by his wife in Morinville, Alberta and by seven sisters and two brothers. Mr. Goodman had been employed at Elsa for two years and was visiting in Whitehorse when the attack occurred.
    Born in New Glasgow, Quebec the deceased was 62 years of age. Father Triggs officiated at the services with members of the Canadian Legion participating. Burial was in the Catholic cemetery. Only relative attending was Emil Montpellier, brother in law of Mr. Goodman, who came from Donnely, Alberta for the services. In charge of arrangements was W. J. Morris.

GRANT, Robert Wilmur (1916-1945)

The Whitehorse Star, December 28, 1945:
Navy Veteran Dies Suddenly at Carmacks, Funeral Sunday
    Robert Wilmur Grant, aged 29 years, passed away suddenly at Carmacks on December 29, 1945. He was recently discharged from the Royal Canadian Navy. He is survived by his widow, parents and two brothers, Gordon and Claude, to whom sincerest sympathy is extended.
    Funeral services will be held at Christ Church (The Old Log Church) Sunday p.m. The remains will lie in state from noon Sunday until the time of the service.

GRANT, Watkins William "Bill" (1880-1952)

The Whitehorse Star, September 5, 1952:
Whitehorse Oldtimer Found Dead In Cabin
    Watkins William Grant, 72, was found dead in his cabin at Third and Wood last Monday.
    "Bill," as he was known in town, had been a resident of Whitehorse for the past 50 years. His brother "Sandy" was burned to death last winter when his cabin was destroyed by fire.
    Funeral services were conducted today, burial taking place in Whitehorse cemetery.

HALL, George Leonard (1911-1961)

The Whitehorse Star, Thursday, June 29, 1961
    George Leonard Hall, deceased, late of Whitehorse, Y. T., was accidently killed at Mile 596 Alaska Highway, Y.T., on the 6th day of June, 1961.

HAMILTON, Hugh (1867-1907)
    "On July 6, 1907, Hugh Hamilton became the only fatality of the Windy Arm boom when he fell off one of the sheer cliffs near the Vault mine. His body was discovered two days later at the bottom of a nearly-inaccessible section of the canyon by Fred Whitman and his brother. On the thirteenth, William Young officiated at his burial on the hillside above the Conrad Consolidated powderhouse, half a mile north of town. Virtually all the mines closed for the day, and the funeral was well attended by miners and townspeople who had long been expecting such a tragedy. Thanks were given that the mountain, and the brutal working conditions, had claimed only one life." ("Fractured Veins & Broken Dreams")

    November 13, 1908: "Mrs. J. M. Murray end daughter Miss Muriel who have been visiting relatives and friends in British Columbia since last June, are expected to return bome in about three weeks. Mr, Murray has purchased the Hugh Hamilton property and will make it a family home." (The Weekly Star)

    At some point Hamilton's remains were moved to Whitehorse. Hamilton Boulevard is named after him.

HANEY, Tom (1882-1944)

The Whitehorse Star, Friday, June 23, 1944

    We much regret having to announce that Mr. Tom Haney was found dead in bed Wednesday apparently having died in his sleep. He had been a faithful member of the staff of the Dominion Customs Dept. since 1931 having been located at Dawson, Taku River, B C. and White Pass. He was 62 years of age. Funeral services were held today, by Whitehorse Lodge No. 46, A. F. & A. M.

HARE, Ross Alexander (1961-1962)

The Whitehorse Star, Monday, September 24, 1962

    A 15-month-old boy was found dead in his cot early Sunday morning at his home in the Whiskey Flats area. He is Ross Alexander Hare who was discovered by his father W. A. Hare at 6 a.m. Cause of death was attributed to pneumonia.

Ross Alexander Hare was born on September 5, 1961, to Mr. & Mrs. William Hare - he weighed 7 lbs 15¼ oz.

HARGARVE, Susan Grace (1965-1965)

The Whitehorse Star, Monday, April 26, 1965
    Mr. and Mrs. M.R. Hargrave and family wish to express their appreciation for the prayers and many kindnesses shown by friends following the death of their infant daughter, Susan Grace.

HAYDEN, Edward Raymond (1933-1953)

The Whitehorse Star, August 28, 1953:

    Edward Raymond Haydon, age 20, drowned at
Takhini Hot Springs Thursday evening.
    Haydon, in company with several other youths, had gone to the Springs swimming and evidently returned to the water to swim alone.
    When his friends called to him, he did not answer and was found drowned.

HERRINGTON, Russell Thomas (1949-1953)

Born in 1949, died on April 1, 1953

    The bodies of Russell Herrington and David Magnusson were recovered from the cold waters of the Alsek River at Mile 1016 last Thursday. The children, sons of civilian personnel working for the Canadian Army at Mile 1016, evidently wandered away from their home and managed to get through a fence that had been erected to keep them from the river. They were reported missing about 11:00 a.m. on April 1st. Russell Herrington was found about 1:30 that afternoon and David Magnusson at 1:00 p.m. on April 2nd. A search party from Whitehorse went to Mile 1016 to join other parties from Canyon Creek Creek, Destruction Bay, and Haines Road to assist in the search, but the second boy was found soon after their arrival.

HICK, George (1916-1916)

The Whitehorse Star, Friday, December 29, 1916
        Sad Ending to Journey
    Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hick of Carcross came to Whitehorse on Wednesday evening's train, bring with them their nine-months'-old son, who was ailing, and whom they desired to place under the care of Dr. Clarke. Within an hour after reaching the General hospital the child breathed its last, a victim of congenital heart trouble. We understand the funeral will take place here this afternoon.

HOGLEN, Walter J. (1875-1947)

    Walter Hoglen's death was not reported except as a notice from the Public Administrator on September 26, 1947, which stated that he was from Fort Selkirk.

    The Dayton Daily News (Ohio) of September 21, 1934, reported that "Recent burning of the city of Nome, Alaska, brought back to several Daytonians vivid memories of their own dash to the Klondike in 1898. The local adventurers at the time included Tom Wood, C. Harmon, Walter Hoglen and Winton Owens."

HOWELL, Michael George (1959-1959)

The Whitehorse Star, Thursday, April 9, 1959
        Card of Thanks
    We wish to thank all the wonderful people in the Civil Aviation, Radio and Weather departments for the kindness and sympathy we received during our recent bereavement. Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. D. Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. D. Holloway and all others who made things so much easier. . . friends are priceless.
    George and Marylon Howell

IRVINE, Patricia (1946-1947)

The Whitehorse Star, Friday, January 10, 1947
    Funeral services were neld Monday for Patricia, the year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Irvine, who passed away at the Whitehorse General Hospital following a very short illness. Rev. Canon L. G. Chappell officiated. Quite a number of friends of the bereaved parents to whom sincerest sympathy is extended, attended the last rites.

JACKSON, Johnny "Tip-toe Johnny" (ca.1898-1938)

The Whitehorse Star, September 9, 1938:

    We regret having to report the death of Johnny Jackson, known to all and sundry as "Tip-Toe Johnny," an Indian, which occurred at the local hospital on Monday, the result of blood poisoning.
    According to the story we secured from the father-in-law of the deceased, George Ned, "Tip-Toe" cut a finger whilst dressing a mountain goat and although he suffered somewhat from the injury he did not seek medical attention until it was too late. He was married and about 40 years of age. Interment took place Tuesday.

    LOST on Tuesday, most likely on Front St. the sum of $10. This money belongs to the widow of the late "TipToe" Jackson. She is in great need of same. Will finder be good enough to return the money to owner at once.

JIM, Thomas (1920-1961)

The Whitehorse Star, Monday, October 30, 1961

    Thomas Jim, 41, died Wednesday night from a gun shot. RCMP said the death wound apparently was self-inflicted. The shooting occurred in Whiskey Flats about 8 p.m. Dr. J. D. Munroe acted as coroner. Police said no inquest would be held.
    Mr. Jim is survived by a wife and six children.

JOHNSON, Ellis (1890-1961)

The Whitehorse Star, Thursday, December 28, 1961

    Funeral arrangements are expected to be announced soon for prospector Ellis Johnson who died here December 16. He will be buried in Whitehorse with arrangements by W. J. Morris.
    Mr. Ellis was 61. He had been in Canada since the 1920's and had prospected in British Columbia and the Yukon. A native of Sweden, he is survived by a sister there. Funeral arrangements were held up until word was received from Scandinavia as to directions to follow.

JOHNSON, George Martin (1888-1966)

The Whitehorse Star, Thursday, June 13, 1963

    Funeral services will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. for the late George M. Johnson who died in Whitehorse Monday at the age of 75. He had resided here since 1945 and, although retired, had been self-employed in the community.
    He is survived by a son, Gordon, and by a daughter, Mrs. Audrey Mazur, both of Vancouver. The Saturday service will be at the graveside.

JOHNSON, Nils (1899-1966)

The Whitehorse Star, Monday, September 9, 1963

    Funeral services for the late Nils Johnson will be conducted by Rev. M. K. Gulbis in the Elks hall on Tuesday at 2 p.m.
    All Elks and Ladies of the Royal Purple are asked to be in attendance. Interment will be in the Elks plot.

KASCH, Frederick W. "Fred" (1891-1953)

The Whitehorse Star, Friday, February 27, 1953
Funeral of Fred Kasch Directed by Elks
    The funeral of the late Fred W. Kasch was held Tuesday afternoon, February 24, 1953, under the auspices of the Whitehorse Lodge B.P.O.E. No. 306, with the ladies of the Order of the Royal Purple in attendance. Brother Elks and members of the Order of the Royal Purple joined in the impressive service held at the Old Log Church by Bishop Greenwood.

KEATING, Thomas Albert (1900-1956)

The Whitehorse Star, April 19, 1956:

    Thomas Albert Keating, who was born on New Year's day, 1900, in Ontario, died here this week. Funeral services for Mr. Keating will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 in First Presbyterian Church, Sixth and Cook, with Rev. R. K. Anderson officiating.
    Mr. Keating was a well-known resident of the city having been employed by the army for some time. He was a member of the Legion and of the Elks here.
    He is survived by three brothers, Jack of Falkland, B.C.; Jim and Alfred Keating of Ontario, and by two sisters, Mrs. J. M. McIntyre and Mrs. D. Fraser, also of Ontario. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Keating flew here from Falkland to attend the funeral. Legion and Elks members will attend the funeral and burial will be in the Legion plot of Whitehorse cemetery. Funeral arrangements were made by Gordon R. Wallden.

KENNEDY, Elizabeth Maxine "Beth" (1913-1951)

The Whitehorse Star, October 5, 1951:

    A well known Whitehorse woman, Mrs. Elizabeth (Beth) Kennedy, 39 years of age, died suddenly early last Sunday morning.
    A heart attack is attributed to the sudden death. According to reports her condition was not discovered until early Sunday morning.
    Beth, as she was best known to her friends, had resided in the Yukon 6 years. For the past 2 years she was employed by Geo. Meikle Electric.
    Services were held Thursday afternoon from Christ Church with Rev. Tannar officating. Burial took place in the Whitehorse cemetery.
    Mrs. Kennedy leaves her mother in Barrie, Ont.

KILBURN, Roy (1894-1952)

    July 20, 1952: Roy Kilburn, a resident of Macrae, died in Whitehorse. No notice of the death was published except that of the Public Administrator.

KISH, John (1907-1961)

The Whitehorse Star, October 26, 1961:
    John Kish Dies Here
    John Kish, who was becoming a Whitehorse "character", died here on Wednesday [October 18]. The fifty-four-year-old resident was the small man seen about town in what appeared to be a bank messenger's uniform.
    He came here during the spring but had not been employed. Mr. Kish moved North from Toronto where he was a building superintendent on College Street. He is survived by a brother, Nicholas, in Delhi, Ontario.
    Mr. Kish died of a heart attack in a Hawkins Street boarding house [101 Hawkins Street].

KNAPP, Joseph (1873-1952)

The Whitehorse Star, July 18, 1952:
    Yukon Pioneer Passes In Whitehorse
    Mr. Joseph Knapp, 79 years of age, died last week in Whitehorse General Hospital.
    Mr. Knapp came to the Yukon over fifty years ago in search of gold. He placer mined for a number of years and lately was engaged in carpentry work here.

KNUDSEN, Joseph Halfdon Emanuel (1883-19523)

    Joseph Halfdon Emanuel Knudsen died at Beaver Creek on September 21, 1952 (Public Administrator). No other death notice was published.

KOCHYLEMA, Michael Anthony (1964-1965)

    Michael Anthony Kochylema was born in Whitehorse on December 4, 1964, to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kochylema. He weighed only 4 lbs, 14½ oz. His death was not reported in the newspaper.

KULAN, Graham Malcolm (1957-1957)

    Graham Malcolm Kulan was born in Whitehorse on July 29, 1957, to Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kulan. His death was not reported in the newspaper. On October 23rd, Mr. and Mrs. Kulan left for an extended trip in the States.

LANKINS, Emer D. (1894-1941)

The Whitehorse Star, December 26, 1941:
    Elmer [Emer] Lankins of Larson and Lankins, Moose Creek, entered the local general hospital last Saturday for medical treatment. He was seven days on the trail before reaching Selkirk from which point he was brought in by plane. We much regret to state that Mr. Lankins passed away on Wednesday morning.

LARSEN, Ole Ferdinand (1853-1924)

The Weekly Star, March 21, 1924:
Another Old Timer Dies
    Ole Christensen Larsen, who has been for eighteen years in the employ of the White Pass Railway Route, died in his cabin here on Sunday evening, March 9th. The funeral service was held at Christ Church by Rev. J. A. Shirley on Wednesday afternoon.
    The deceased, seventy-three years of age, was born at Aalport, Denmark, where his only brother still lives. Mr. Larsen had seen in his day a great deal of the world, having worked many years on the Atlantic liners plying between Hamburg and New York. He toured Europe and the United States with the Robinson Circus Company. In the employ of the White Pass he served as fireman on the steamers and at the shipyards. He spent the winter at the coast and had just returned to the North about ten days before he was called by death. He was a member of the Independent Order of Foresters.

LARSON, Sune (1901-1944)

The Weekly Star, January 21, 1944:

    On January 1 Sune Larson was accidentally shot by his partner, Gustaves Viksten, whist on a moose hunting trip in the Teslin district, sixty miles northwest of Johnson's Crossing. Constable D. Bolger, R.C.M.P. of Carcross had charge of the investigation after which Viksten was freed from any blame. The body of the deceased was laid to rest in the Whitehorse cemetery on Tuesday of this week.

LAZZARINI, Antonio "Tony" (1870-1914)

The Weekly Star, June 12, 1914:

    Tonni Lazrarini, Italian, died at the General hospital in this place Sunday night and was buried in the local cemetery Tuesday morning after brief services which were conducted at the Catholic church by Rev. Father Rivet. Previous to nine months ago Lazzarini had been employed for some time at the Pueblo mine. He went outside and returned less than a month ago, resuming work at the Pueblo. In less than a week he was taken sick and was brought to the hospital. Tuberculosis was his ailment. He had no relatives in this country, a brother who accompanied him from Italy having died some time ago in Colorado. Lazzarini was an American citizen.

LEWIS, Dwayne T. (1960-1960)

The Whitehorse Star, July 21, 1960:
    LEWIS - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Melville Lewis at the Whitehorse General Hospital on July 9th, a son, Dwayne Thomas, 7 lbs, 2 oz. A brother for Shelley and Terry.

    The baby's death was not reported in the newspaper.

LEWIS, Robert Evans (1914-1914)

    Neither the baby's birth nor death were reported in the newspaper. However, on July 17, 1914, "Mrs. Lewis and Miss Lewis, mother and sister of Mining Engineer E. G. Lewis at the Pueblo mine, arrived Wednesday evening from their home in Moscow, Idaho, and will remain several weeks." On August 21 they were reported as having left for home, and on October 30, E. G. and Mrs. Lewis also left for Moscow, Idaho, which was their old home. It was said they would remain there until spring at least, but they never did return.

LORD, baby (1956-1956)

The Whitehorse Star, March 29, 1956:
Rites For Child
    Funeral services were held March 20 for the two-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Moses Lord who died Saturday, March 17. Rev. J. Hesketh officiated. Interment followed at Whitehorse Cemetery. W. J. Morris was in charge of funeral arrangements

McCARNEY, Edward (1920-1954)

The Whitehorse Star, May 7, 1954:

    Edward McCarney, Business Agent and Maintenance Engineer of the Yukon Telephone Co., in Whitehorse, was found dead in the living quarters at the rear of the company's office last Monday afternoon.
    According in an employee of the company. Mr. Dick Irving, Mr. McCarney had worked all night Sunday through to Monday and when Irving arrived at work at 8 a.m., Monday morning, McCarney was sleeping. Irving woke him up at 10 a.m. and McCarney is reported to have exclaimed, "I am just about going crazy. I worked all night." Irving then left McClarney to attend to his duties.
    Later that afternoon, Irving was doing some work in another part of the City and phoned in to McCarney on a test call, he could not get an answer in the office, so returned to find out why. This was approximately 3:30 p.m.
    When Irving entered the living quarters of the telephone office, he said he saw McCarney slumped in a large chair near the window and thought he was asleep. When he came up close, he saw blood covered the side of the chair and a .22 automatic rifle leaning on the armrest. Two empty .22 shells were lying on the floor. McCarney had what appeared to be a bullet hole immediately above the right ear.
    Irving immediately called a doctor, but it was too late to save the man.
    Ed McCarney came to Whitehorse last year as Resident Maintenance Engineer for the company. Some of his past experience had included the building of the present exchange at the factory before it was sold to the Yukon Telephone Company.

McKAY, baby (1918-1918)

The Whitehorse Star, July 26, 1918:
    A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McKay at the Whitehorse General hospital Monday. Mother and child are doing well.

August 2, 1918: The ten day old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel MeKay passed away at the Whitehorse (General hospital Monday evening at 7 o'clock.

September 6, 1918: Card of Thanks
    We wish through the columns of the Weekly Star to thank our friends for their many kindnesses during illness of Mrs. Mckay at the Whitehorse General hospital and for their sympathy after the death of our babe.
        MR. AND MRS. D. MCKAY.

McKAY, Edwin Myers (1927-1956)

The Whitehorse Star, July 19, 1956:

    Edwin Meyers McKay, foreman with the Prodor Construction Company Limited, drowned at Takhini Hot springs in the early hours of July 18.
    Mr. McKay came here two years ago from Alberta. He is survived by his wife and three-year-old son Billy, a brother Morris all living in Whitehorse. His mother Mrs. Johanna McKay lives at Teslin and he is also survived by another brother and sister.
    No inquest will be made on the death, Funeral arrangements are being. made by Wallden Funeral Home.
    Services will be held July 21.

McLEAN, Roy (1933-1960)

The Whitehorse Star, February 18, 1960:
Thanks to All From Bereaved Wife
    Sincere thanks to all friends especially Pte. and Mrs. H. Horton, Canadian Legion and NWHS employees for their kindness and sympathy during my recent bereavement.
    Mrs. R. McLean (Nee Morris)

McMillan, Mrs. Margaret "Maggie" (ca. 1879-1903)

The Weekly Star, February 14, 1903:
    It is with a feeling of deepest regret that we announce the death of Mrs. Jack McMillan, which occurred on Monday evening last.
    Mrs. McMillan had not been enjoying the best of health of late, and as her condition on Sunday last was considered to be critical, she was removed to the general hospital. Despite the fact that she received the best of medical treatment she succumbed to her ailment - Bright's disease.
    Mrs. McMillan, who was 24 years of age, leaves a sorrowing husband and two children, a boy and a girl aged two and five years respectively.
    Mr. McMillan, who is on the outside, has wired that he will come north on the first steamer that sails. The body will be held till he arrives.

McNAIR, George Willard (1917-1953)

The Whitehorse Star, June 12, 1953:

    George Willard McNair passed away on May 29, 1953, at the Whitehorse General Hospital in his thirty-sixth year. Survived by his loving wife, Marie, and seven children, Garry, Dwight, Angela, Sharron, Patricia, George Jr., Mary-Gale; and one brother and two sisters and mother.
    Mr. McNair has been in the Yukon 10 years, residing here in Whitehorse where he made his home. The funeral service on June 3 was from the Old Log Church, the Rev. Norman Tannar officiating.

MADDOCKS, Patrick John (1950-1952)

The Whitehorse Star, May 23, 1952:
    We wish to thank everyone who was so kind and sent floral tributes during our recent bereavement.
    Mr. and Mrs. George Maddocks

The baby was born at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, BC, on January 8, 1950. He weighed 8 lbs., 11 oz.

MAGNUSSON, David William (1949-1953)

Born in 1949, died on April 1, 1953

    The bodies of Russell Herrington and David Magnusson were recovered from the cold waters of the Alsek River at Mile 1016 last Thursday. The children, sons of civilian personnel working for the Canadian Army at Mile 1016, evidently wandered away from their home and managed to get through a fence that had been erected to keep them from the river. They were reported missing about 11:00 a.m. on April 1st. Russell Herrington was found about 1:30 that afternoon and David Magnusson at 1:00 p.m. on April 2nd. A search party from Whitehorse went to Mile 1016 to join other parties from Canyon Creek Creek, Destruction Bay, and Haines Road to assist in the search, but the second boy was found soon after their arrival.

MALONEY, Michael Thomas (1964-1964)

April 29, 1964: a son, Michael Thomas, was born in Whitehorse to Mr. and Mrs. John B. Maloney. He weighed 7 lbs. 7½ oz.
September 14, 1964: Mr. and Mrs. John Maloney express thanks to friends and relatives for love and sympathy during their recent bereavement, with special thanks to Dr. Hibberd, Mr. and Mrs, Bob Wallace, Mr. Walden, Father Triggs, and Doris Simpson,.

MARSHALL, William J. (1876-1941)

The Whitehorse Star, June 13, 1941:

    We regret having to report that Mr. William Marshall, wood-cutter of Selwyn, who arrived at the local general hospital recently in a serious condition, passed away last Thursday. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. L. G. Chappell, the crew of the Nasutlin acting as pallbearers.

    On September 15, 1941, the Public Administrator advertised to sell property located at Selwyn belonging to William J. Marshall: 1 horse, 1 sleigh, 1 wagon, and harness.

MARTIN, Bruce Frank Michael (1958-1959)

The Whitehorse Star, June 13, 1941:

    Funeral Rites
    Graveside service was held Monday for Bruce Frank Michael, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Martin. Father Gene Cullinane officiated. Born December 5, 1958 the baby died suddenly January 28. Besides his parents, the child is survived by three sisters, Joan, Cheryl and Judith.
    The Martin family have made their home in Whitehorse for the past 5½ years. Mr. Martin is a civilian employee with the Army here and was in eastern Canada on business at the time of his son's death. He returned home last Thursday.

MARTIN, Kenneth Floyd (1961-1961)

Kenneth Floyd Martin was born in Whitehorse on August 15, 1961, and died on September 28, 1961.

MATHER, Harry (1894-1950)

Harry Mather died at the Whitehorse Military Hospital on November 3, 1950. His death was not reported in the newspaper except as a notice by the Public Administrator.

MILLER, John James (1867-1920)

The Weekly Star, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory - Friday, November 12, 1920
John Miller Dead
    John Miller, a pioneer resident of the Yukon, died Wednesday morning at the Whitehorse General hospital. Valvular heart trouble was the cause of his death. He was brought here from Carmacks by auto last Friday, and had been confined to the hospital since that time.
    Deceased was a native of St. Mary's, Ontario, and came north as a deckhand on one of the river boats which were brought to St. Michael in 1898. After mining two years in Dawson, he started prospecting, having been a participant in all the stampedes in the Yukon since 1900.

MORAN, Angus, D.C.M. (1893-1951)

The Whitehorse Star, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory - Friday, June 29, 1951
Guard Collapses At McCrae
    Mr. Angus Moran, 58 years of age, collapsed and died last Saturday evening at 11:15 p.m. while patrolling the McCrae Army buildings.
    Mr. Moran had been employed as a guard for a number of years by the Dept. of National Defence. He was a single man with a sister and brothers living in Ottawa. The funeral was held last Thursday under the direction of the Canadian Legion.

July 6, 1951: CARD OF THANKS |
    The Canadian Legion, Whitehorse Branch, wish to thank all who assisted in the funeral of Angus Moran, D.C.M. Wreaths were from Dottie and Bill; "The Boys, Camp MacRae"; Mrs. Redpath, and Kay MacDonald, Reta Kemberlin and Barbara and Cindy; Della and Aubrey Simmons and the Canadian Legion.

MURPHY, Warren T. (1885-1950)

The Whitehorse Star, February 3, 1950:
Funeral Services Late Warren T. Murphy Held Sacred Heart Church
    Funeral services for the late Warren T. Murphy held at Sacred Heart Church, were conducted by his brother Rev. M. E. Murphy. O M I of Edmonton. Alta., assisted by His Excellency Bishop Coudert and local priests.
    Born in New Brunswick 65 years ago, deceased had been in the Yukon for the past six years. Previously he had been well-known as a salesman in Edmonton. During 1943-1944 he was empoyed by the U. S. Army at Canol and later with the Sullivan Co. during the removal of the pipe-line. Later he was caretake at the local public school. He was a veteran of the First Great War and a past president of the Whitehorse Branch of the Canadian Legion (BESL).
    A large number of local veterans and friends of the deceased attended the church service, a silent tribute to the high regard in which the late Mr. Murphy was held in this community.
    At the graveside, after the conclusion of the burial service, president W M. Emery of the local Legion took charge on behalf of the Legion and accompanied by other comrades concluded the ceremony by dropping their poppies on the bier as it lay in the grave.

MURRAY, Norman (1883-1960)

The Whitehorse Star, August 25, 1960:
    A Masonic funeral was held today at 2 p.m. for the late Norman Murray. He died Saturday night at Whitehorse General Hospital after a short illness.
    Born in Scotland, Mr. Murray was 76 years old. He would have celebrated his 77th birthday next month. A retired ship builder, Mr. Murray lived in the Yukon for 42 years. His wife predeceased him.

MYRA, Freda Kathleen (1959-1960)

March 19, 1959: "MYRA - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Myra at the Whitehorse General Hospital on March 9, a daughter, Freda Kathline, 4 lbs."

April 21, 1960: "Funeral Rites For Infant Child
    Funeral services for Freda Kathleen Myra, the year-old daughter of Fred and Hazel Myra, who passed away suddenly on March 30, 1960, were held at 2 p. m. April at the Wallden Funeral Home. The services were conducted by the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Whitehorse. Interment followed at the Whitehorse cementary.
    Surviving are two brothers and their loving parents,

NAKASHIMA, Lucy (1935-1942)

October 16, 1942: "We regret to report that Lucy, the seven-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Nakashima died suddenly at the local hospital yesterday."

NICHOLS, Edith Grey (?-1953)

    The death of Edith Nichols was not reported except as a notice by the Public Administrator stating that she died at Whitehorse on February 17, 1953.

NIELSEN, John Norman (1925-1952)

The Whitehorse Star, June 27, 1952:
Burwash Man Killed
    Norman Neilson [sic], employed by Henry Besner at Burwash Landing, was accidently killed last Saturday when the blade of a cat rolled on him.
    Further details are not available at present.

A notice by the Public Administrator stated that John Norman Nielsen was killed in a mining accident at Burwash Creek on June 21st.

NIELSEN, Wilfred Donald (1937-1958)

The Whitehorse Star, May 8, 1958:
Wilfred Nielsen Found dead
    Wilfred Nielsen, 22, was found dead last Thursday at his Jarvis Street home. The body was discovered about 10 pm. The young man apparently took his own life with a .22 rifle. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Bertha Nielsen, a brother Henry and sister Rita at home and two married sisters, both of Whitehorse. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon, Rev. A. L. Privett officiating. Interment was in Whitehorse cemetery.

PALLISTER, Jean Ann (1949-1955)

Died on November 15, 1955.

    Jean, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John E. Pallister, was on her way to school when she slipped under an army school bus. The driver was freed of any blame regarding her death (the first to occur involving a school bus).

PETERSON, Elmer Raymond (1891-1952)

The Whitehorse Star, August 8, 1952:
Whitehorse Man Kills Himself.
    Elmer Raymond Peterson, 59 years of age, took his own life last Monday, August 4, when he pointed a 25-20 rifle at his breast and fired a bullet into his left breast. He then fired a second bullet into his mouth, killing himself.
    Peterson, known as "Shaky," came to the Yukon in 1944 from Pouce Coupe, B.C. He was divorced from his wife some time ago. There are 12 children surviving him. Burial took place in Whitehorse Cemetery.

POULIN, Ann Gwen (1955-1955)

Ann Gwen Poulin born and died in Whitehorse on August 13, 1955 to mother Florence Poulin. Orphaned when both her parents died in Dawson, Florence was raised in the Dawson residential school system, but as an adult, moved to Whitehorse. Ann Gwen Poulin currently (2023) has one living brother, George Poulin of Carcross (information from Joyce Derenas).

PRIVETT, David Andrew (1958-1958)

The Whitehorse Star, November 27, 1958:
    PRIVETT - Born to the Rev. Arthur L. and Mrs. Privett on November 16, a son, David Andrew (stillborn). The Rev. Fred Lapham officiated at the Committal Service at the Whitehorse Cemetery.

PULSIFER, Wellesley S. (1888-1962)

    The death of Wellesley Pulsifer was not reported except as a notice by the Public Administrator stating that he died at Whitehorse on February 3, 1962.

PURO, Abel (1906-1963)

    The death of Abel Puro was not reported except as a notice by the Public Administrator stating that he died at Whitehorse on December 7, 1963.

RACHEL, Harry Tofield (1904-1957)

The Whitehorse Star, March 21, 1957:
    Funeral services were held today at the Presbyterian Church for the late Harry Rachel of Teslin who died March 17. Surviving Mr. Rachel are his widow Alberta, and daughter Delores McKay, as well as a grandson A. H. McKay.

Harry Rachel died in Teslin.

June 27, 1957: "Rachel's Garage fully equipped, stock, miscellaneous, all pertaining to garage to go. May be moved away. Apply residence Mile 804 Teslin. Phone or write Mrs. Alberta Rachel."

REGEHR, William Henry (1957-1957)

September 26, 1957: Died September 22, William Henry, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Regehr. Funeral services were held Wednesday, September 25.

ROBERTS, Ada (1903-1916)

The Weekly Star, January 14, 1916:
Indian Girl Dies
    Ada Roberts, a native girl twelve years of age, died at the General hospital Saturday from tuberculosis. She was formerly a pupil at the Indian school near Carcross and was brought here three weeks ago. She was brought from Fortymile to the school two or three years ago. She was buried here Monday afternoon, the funeral services being conducted by Rev. W. G. Blackwell.

ROBISON, Hazel (1909-1909)

The Weekly Star, October 8, 1909:
Robison Baby Dead
    The four weeks old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Robison died Saturday morning and was buried that afternoon. The little one had been sick since birth and its death was not unexpected. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of their many friends.

ROSENBAUGH, baby (1918-1918)

The Weekly Star, February 1, 1918:
Babe Dies
    A little girl was born Saturday night in the Whitehorse General hospital to Mr. and Mrs. John Rosenberg of Carmacks. The innocent lived only five hours after birth.

SARNEY, William Stewart (1952-1952)

January 11, 1952: "SARNEY - Born to Mr. and Mrs. E. Sarney at the Whitehorse General Hospital on January 8, 1952, a son William Stewart."

May 9, 1952: "CARD OF THANKS. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and many strangers for their kindness and help in our recent bereavement and to Father Trigg, who helped in every way possible. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Sarney"

SEELY, Alexander "Butch", Jr. (1926-2004)

Alexander Seely passed away on October 13th, 2004 in Whitehorse. Alex was born July 12th, 1926 in Dawson City, the second child to Mabel Bernice Seely (nee Kotkin) and Alexander William Seely. He spent his childhood in Dawson City and then moved with the family via paddlewheeler to Whitehorse in 1943. He was predeceased by his elder brother, Lawerence Edward Kolkin Seely. He is survived by his second wife, Mary Seely, and children: Peggy, Alex and Linda.

SENECHAL, Louis (1894-1957)

The Whitehorse Star, February 14, 1957: Obituary
Louis Senechal
    Father F. B. Triggs OMI offered the funeral mass and sang the funeral service today at Sacred Heart Church for Louis Senechal who died February 8 in the General Hospital, Mr. Senechal suffered a stroke earlier in the year and bad been confined to bed in hospital. He was 63 years old at the time of his death.

SIMMONS, Lester (1893-1956)

The Whitehorse Star, August 30, 1956:
    Funeral services were held by Rev. Hedley-Smith, Airforce padre August 25 for Lester Simmons, who died August 12 after a heart attack. Mr. Simmons was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta in 1893. For the last five years he worked as a stucco worker in the construction trade. He lived in a cabin at Mile 920. Wm. J. Morris attended to arrangements for the deceased.

SMITH, Brian Morris (1905-1950)

The Whitehorse Star, October 13, 1950:
Hotel Manager Dies
    Brian Morris Smith, manager of the Whitehorse Inn, died suddenly on Thanksgiving Day, October 9th.
    Mr. Smith, a quiet dapper man of 45, was born in Winnipeg on Oct. 31, 1905. He was buried in the Legion Plot of the Whitehorse Cemetery on Wednesday, Oct. 11. His only known relative is a brother who attended the funeral.

STANLAKE, Sidney Lannon (?-1951)

His death in Whitehorse on July 12, 1951, was not reported except as a notice by the Public Administrator. On May 16, 1952, the Public Administrator advertised that bids were being accepted for items in the estate of the late Mr. Stanlake of Watson Lake, including a 4-room 40x16-foot cabin in Watson Lake, a 1949 Dodge half-ton truck, a pair of binoculars, 3 firearms, a typewriter, and an outboard motor.

STARK, Charles Daniel "Danny" (1951-1960)

The Whitehorse Star, October 6, 1960:

    A tragic traffic accident yesterday took the life of a nine-year-old boy, Charles Daniel Stark. The son of local residents Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Stark, the boy died in Whitehorse General Hospital shortly after the accident.
    The police reported Danny was at the middle of the intersection of Second Avenue and Hawkins Street, going west on his bicycle, when he was in a collision with a car driven by John Horn. Mr. Horn was travelling south and apparently attempted to pass a truck driven by Leo Scarff.
    The boy was thrown off his bicycle over the hood of the car and fell beneath the rear wheels of the truck. A doctor happened to be at the scene of the accident soon after it happened and the boy was taken to the hospital immediately. He died a short time later from injuries received. Police are continuing their investigation and an ingest will be held tomorrow.
    Besides his parents, Danny is survived by three sisters, Arleen, Patricia and Barbara.

STEWART, Joseph Ormond (1899-1952)

His death at Aishihik on September 4, 1952, was not reported except as a notice by the Public Administrator.

STOUT, Starlene Elizabeth (1959-1959)

The Whitehorse Star, February 19, 1959:
Births. STOUT - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Issac Stout at the Whitehorse General Hospital on February 10, a daughter, Starline Elizabeth, 6 lbs 8¾ oz.

    Her death was not reported in the newspaper.

STRICKER, Robin Ann (1961-1962)

The Whitehorse Star, July 27, 1961:
Births. STRICKER - Born to Mr. and Mrs. D. Stricker at the Whitehorse General Hospital on July 28, a daughter, Robin Ann, 6 lbs, 13 1/2 oz.

    Her death was not reported in the newspaper.

STRONG, Vincent Barry (1960-1960)

The Whitehorse Star, March 3, 1960:
Births. STRONG - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Strong at the Whitehorse General Hospital on February 20, twin boys, 4 lbs. ¾ oz, and 3 lbs. ¼ oz.

    The death was not reported in the newspaper.

SUITS, John Burchell (1885-1962)

The Whitehorse Star, June 7, 1962:
John Suits Passes Here
    John Burchell Suits, an old timer of the Yukon, passed away Monday, May 28. He was born at Covington, Indiana in the year 1885. After leaving Carnation, Washington. where Mr. Suits last resided, he arrived at Whitehorse in June of 1925. Until he retired some years ago, his main occupation was trapper and prospector in the Yukon.
    Mr. Suits is survived by his three sons, Sandy, Robert, and Joe; and by two daughters, Marion and May; and by a sister living in Tacoma, Washington.

SWITZER, William Irwin (?-1953)

The Whitehorse Star, July 31, 1953:
    A body, identified as that of Irwin Switzer who drowned in Marsh Lake July 1, was recovered from the lake Wednesday, July 29.
    A party of tourists travelling the highway spotted the partially submerged body about Mile 888 and notified the RCMP Town Detachment, Whitehorse.
    The body was brought to town and identified.

SZILAGYI, Attila (1912-1964)

His death at Whitehorse on March 30, 1964, was not reported except as a notice by the Public Administrator.

TAYLOR, Donna Lea (1956-1956)

The Whitehorse Star, July 5, 1956:
    Funeral services for Donna Lea Taylor, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Taylor, who passed away June 23, were conducted June 27 at 2 pm.
    Rev. John Hesketh officiated and interment followed in the Whitehorse Cemetery. Wallden Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

TWIST, Vincent Harry (1907-1961)

The Whitehorse Star, April 23, 1959:
    Rites For Vincent Twist
    The Old Log Church was crowded April 13 when friends of the late Vincent Twist attended to pay their last respects. Mr. Twist, who was 36 years old, died suddenly April 9 in Whitehorse General Hospital. He is survived by his father, Mr. O. Twist, now residing at Deer Lake Nursing Home in Vancouver.
    Trained as a dental mechanic, the late Mr. Twist worked for 10 years as a heavy duty equipment operator. He came to the Yukon six years ago, spending the past four years in Whitehorse. He was also well known in the Dawson area where he was working last summer.
    Members of local Elks and Eagles Lodges were pall bearers and interment took place in the Legion plot of Whitehorse cemetery. Mr. Twist was an active member of the Legion, as well as the Elks and Eagles lodges here.
    The Rev. A. L. Privett officiated at final rites in Christ Church Cathedral, while funeral arrangements were in the care of W. J. Morris.

WALKER, John Alexander (1961-1961)

The Whitehorse Star, May 11, 1961:
Rites For Infant Child, 1961
    Funeral services were held May 8 at 2 pm at the Presbyterian Church for John Alexander, born May 5, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Walker. Interment was in Whitehorse Cemetary.

WALLACE, Lila (1879-1903)

    On May 17th, 1903, Lila Wallace and Bud Harkin,owner of the Windsor Hotel, were running the Whitehorse Rapids in a Peterborough canoe being handled by Gene LaRose. The canoe swamped, and Wallace and Harkin were both drowned. Five years later, Gene and his brother Al LaRose were drowned in the same rapids when their canoe swamped. Wallace was buried in what is now called the Pioneer Cemetery in Whitehorse, while Harkin's body was shipped to Marshfield, Wisconsin, for burial in the Gate of Heaven Cemetery.

WATSON, William John (1882-1965)

His death at Whitehorse on May 19, 1965, was not reported except as a notice by the Public Administrator.

WEAVER, F. L. (1933-1906)

The Weekly Star, June 22, 1906:
F. L. Weaver Meets Death in B. Y. N. Shipyards, Whitehorse
    While at work on one of the big dredges being constructed at the B. Y. N. shipyards F. L. Weaver, a carpenter, was instantly killed Tuesday forenoon by some heavy timbers falling upon him.
    After an official investigation conducted by Inspector Demers, R. W. M. P., the remains were interred in the Whitehorse cemetery, Rev. H. A. Cody conducting the exercises at the hospital and grave.
    F. L. Weaver was probably between 60 and 65 years of age. He was a native of New York state and a veteran of the Civil war. He came to Yukon from Butte, Montana, 27 years ago by way of St. Micheal and was a pioneer among pioneers. He was never married and nothing is known of his relatives.

WHEELER, Patrick (1945-1946)

The Whitehorse Star, May 10, 1946:
Baby Patrick Wheeler dies after a fire at his home in Whitehorse, 1946
    Between 11.30 and noon Tuesday, a fire broke out at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. V. G. (Mike) Wheeler on Elliott Street. There was a strong northerly wind blowing at the time, which aided the fire. The fire brigade answered the call which was put in by Mr. Harold Dennison who happened to be in the Whitehorse Jewellry Store at the time when a boy entered, breathless from running and stated there was a fire in the lane.
    Immediately it became known that the baby son of Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, Patrick, about 9 months old, was asleep in his crib Constable Roy Shaw, R.C.M.P., entered the premises through a window on the west side of the house and succeeded in rescuing the child who was immediately rushed to the hospital by Dr. Roth. Despite every effort which was humanly possible to be made to save the life of the child, it succumbed to its injuries a few hours later.
    The whole community suffered a shock when the news of the tragedy became known and many expressions of sympathy have been extended to the parents of the child.
    The meritorious act on the part of Constable Shaw is worthy of being officially brought to the attention of the Royal Humane Society. We trust that this will be done.
    As no inquest was deemed necessary the baby was laid to rest in the local cemetery on Wednesday.

WHELAN, Mamie (1902-1902)

The Weekly Star, September 27, 1902:

    Died - In Whitehorse, Sunday, Sept. 21st, infant daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Thos. Whelan. Funeral took place Monday at 11 o'clock.

WHITE, Frank Charles (1879-1958)

His death at the Whitehorse General Hospital on December 16, 1958, was not reported except as a notice by the Public Administrator, who also has his home at Lot 15, Block 5 in Keno, with furniture, fixtures, and firewood, for sale by bids.

WHITE, Thomas Campbell "Cam" (1895-1956)

The Whitehorse Star, April 12, 1956:
Oldtimer Dies, 1956
    Thomas Campbell White, known to oldtimers as "Cam," died at Marsh Lake April 9. Cause of death was said to be self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Some years ago White was proprietor of a shop here. He had been resident in Vancouver after leaving the Yukon but was visiting friends at Marsh Lake at the time of his death. No inquest will be held.

WILLISTON, Janet Mary (1884-1951)

The Whitehorse Star, November 9, 1951:

    WILLISTON - Janet Mary, 67 years, passed away October 28, 1951, loving wife of H. F. Williston, Whitehorse, Y.T. Survived by one son, J. C. Wood, Whitehorse, three daughters, Mrs. A. Groat, Mrs. F. Champion of Vancouver, B. C., and Mrs. P. Loveday, St. Thomas, Ont., and four grandchildren. Also survived by two sisters, Mrs. J. Anderson, Windsor, Ont. and Mrs. W. Mathieson, Detroit, Mich.

WILSON, John Carl (1944-1956)

The Whitehorse Star, January 19, 1956:
Rites For Youth
    Funeral services for 12-year-old John Carl Wilson, who died here suddenly, were held this afternoon at the Old Log Church. The young boy died as the result of a bullet wound in his head which occurred when a gun he was handling went off. He died early Sunday morning. No inquest was held.
    He is the son of Mrs. Gil Jorgensen of 707 Jarvis Street. Mr. William Morris was in charge of funeral arrangements.