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Frenchmen doing well - their balloon didn't go north, 1898

Dr. Antony Varicle

Daily World (Vancouver, BC), October 18, 1898

Frenchmen doing well - their balloon didn't go north, 1898

    It is a peculiar fact that just at the time friends were becoming anxious because nothing had been heard of the French scientists for a long time, as published in yesterday's World, a letter was within 24 hours of Vancouver, which, having arrived, gives all the details of the trip.

    The epistie is from a son of Alex. Morrison, of Armstrong & Morrison, to his father. Young Mr. Morrison went in with the Mangold party, otherwise known as the Klondike Pioneers. They went by way of St. Michael's, while the scientists went in by the way of Skaguay. Now, they have secured claims to the number of 25 and some of them are good ones and on the best creeks. Mr. Mangold, despite his difficulties before leaving for the north, is getting along very well in the gold mining business. The party took 20 odd dogs from here, being worth at Dawson on an average $150 apiece. They were all fine animals. On the way up the Yukon all except four of the dogs were chained to a separate scow. Some trouble occurred and the scow was overturned, all of the animals except the four going down with the boat. The party were making the best possible use of the dogs they had remaining .

    A peculiar incident has come out and that is that the balloon which the expert aeronauts were supposed to have taken to Klondike with them is now down in the C. P. R. freight shed and other appurtenances of balloon life are also stored with it. The professors evidently have a taste for the golden as well as other people.