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A. Harmon Drowned in Otter Lake, Alaska:
May 17, 1899

The article below appeared in The Daily Alaskan (Skagway) on Wednesday morning, May 24, 1899.

May 1899 - A. Harmon Drowned in Otter Lake while en route to Atlin gold fields
    Word was received yesterday by Mr. Frank, of Frank's grocery, that A. Harmon, who left here with his son for the Atlin country last Wednesday, had been drowned while trying to cross Otter lake.
    Mr. Harmon had interests in the Atlin district and came out a week ago last Friday to obtain supplies and also to take in his son, who was then in Skagway. He purchased a stock of goods and accompanied by his son left for Atlin City Wednesday, May 17. When he arrived at Otter lake the ice was found to be very soft and so he decided to wait until night hoping for the ice to freeze harder.
    He camped at the side of the lake and while his son was preparing supper went out to try the ice. He was very deaf and could not hear the ice crack, and he advanced so far that when the ice let him through he was too far out to be rescued.
    His body will probably not be recovered until the ice goes out.
    He came to this country from Chicago last summer, and had some very good claims in the Atlin country.
    He was a man of about fifty years of age and leaves a wife and son in Atlin City.

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