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Barbara (Jenkins) (Evans) Gunderson (1878-1960)

The Atlin Cemetery

    Barbara Jenkins was born in Wales in 1878.

    The 1921 federal census for Discovery, British Columbia listed the following members of Barbara (Jenkins) Evans' family, with ages as of June 21st:
Caleb Evans, 52
Barbara Evans, 42
James Edward Evans, 13
Benjamin Caish Evans, 12
Margaret Evans, 10
Christmas Christina Evans, 8
John Isaac Evans, 7
William Thomas Evans, 6
David Evans, 4
Gwendolyen Evans, 2

    Caleb Evans was working a claim at Pine Creek , below Discovery, was Drifting (digging) into a high bank , he set 5 charges of Dynamite, he must have missed counted went into the mine entrance, when the last charge went off !!,! He was filled with rocks and gravel, he and was sent to Vancouver General, where he died , 10 days later. The family could not afford to have his body sent back toDiscovery , so he was buried in Vancouver. (John Evans, Facebook discussion with me)

    Caleb Evans died at Vancouver on August 2, 1924, and was buried at the Mountain View Cemetery.

    October 31, 1924: "Mrs. Evans and family came in from Discovery to take up their residence in town." (The Weekly Star)

    On November 2, 1929, Barbara Evans married Hans Gunderson in Atlin.

The Whitehorse Star - Thursday, June 30, 1960

Barbara Gunderson dies, 1960

    June 23 - Mrs. Hans Gunderson, an old-timer from Atlin, who, for the past six or seven years, had been living in Whitehorse with one of her children, died in Whitehorse General Hospital June 13. Mrs. Gunderson had been admitted to the hospital June 8 suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage.

    The funeral service was held at the Church of England in Atlin on June 18. Reverend G. W. Bullen from Carcross officiated.

    Mrs. Gunderson was born in Wales and emigrated to America in 1905 where, shortly afterwards, she married Caleb Evans, also from Wales. The family lived in Juneau and Dawson City before moving to Atlin in 1917. Discovery, at that time still active in mining, was their home until Mr. Evans' death, the result of a blasting accident. In later years she married Hans Gunderson and, until his death in the early forties, lived a very peaceful and contented life in Atlin. Their home here, overflowing with their own children, will long be remembered and cherished as the gathering place of the "younger set."

    Mrs. Gunderson is survived by two daughters, Mrs. M. Smith of Whitehorse and Mrs. F. Leppard of Ft. Nelson, and four sons David, Bill, Tiss and Jimmy, all of Whitehorse, also fifteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.