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Found Dead

The Dyea Press, November 19, 1898

    Thursday Evening Nov. 10th was a fatal day on the summit of Chilcoot Pass, with one sweep of the terrible wings of death one of our most respected citizens was swept across the river of death, for several days prior to that date the Indians had retired from the summit oweing to the blizzard that was raging, saturday the Carpenter Bros who are engaged in the restaurant business at the summit discovered the lifeless body of a man in the snow, in plain sight the rtail the runs across the summ it without disturbing the corpse and taking a look at the body to ascertain whom the body was they hurried to the telephone and imformed Mr Shalcross, that Louis Dahlman and honored and respected employ of hs mercantile house was found dead on the summit. The news spread rapidly over the and soon crowds were gathered in every public place discussing Dahlman's untimely death, only a few days before had Dahlman left with the kind farwells of his many friends wishing him luck and God speed on his trip. Mr. Shalcross was beseiged by the citizens of our city' offers of assistance and help were freely made, one and all expressed the hope that there must be some mistake, and that Dahlman had escaped. Arrangements were made at once to send men to the suummit to bring the body down. Mr. Whaleu who was a pardner of Dahlmans, with the assistance of seven men went to the summit after the body which lay in the same position in which it had been found, laying in a stooped position the feet carefully wrapped in a gunny sack and a parke wraped around the pody, and a fur cap pulled down over the face as throught taken suddenly with some desease, he had wraped himself tightly up to lay in the snow for the night and and exhaustion had been followed by death, now the identification was sure kind and loving hands were there who had loved and respected him in life and there was not one in that party who's eyes were not dim with tears as they carried the body back to the sorrowfull friends in Dyea. This had been the third time that Dahlman had been cought in a blizzard at the stmmit, the distance from where the body lay to the mounted police headquarters was only six hundred feet and it was impossible for him in his sick and feeble condition to make it.
Mr. Louis Dahlman came to Dyea in November 1897 from Brooklyn, N.Y. In the stampede to the Atlin mines he was one of the first to arrive, when the first stampeders were discouraged, Mr. Dahlman found a representitive of the Press who was returning and with tears in his eyes showed his scired h a nd which were a mass of blisters from rowing a boat and said "Tell Mr. Whalen, and Wiseman, who are interested with me, that I am going to stay with it, and by his presistence of which he was noted he stayed with it and located several claims, his body will be shippe to his brother in Naw York.

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