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The Crash of CF-AAM
Yukon Territory, 1937

To CF-AAM Returns to the Yukon

The Dawson News, Tuesday, December 7, 1937


    The Northern Airways Fokker plane CF-AAM, known as the "Ancient Mason," and one of the oldest planes now in use in the territory, was "washed out" Sunday last while taking off from the airport at Fournier's ranch along the Klondike river. The passengers and pilot came through the accident unscathed. Pilot Cook was at the controls with a passenger load consisting of the following passenegers en route to Whitehorse:
Angus McIntyre, Burns McDonald. J. Cutting, Louis Mol, Jack Myers and Ken Gibson.
    The accident that disabled the plane was similar to the one that occurred about a year ago. The field was covered with the recent fall of light snow. This made it difficult to taxi through while endeavoring to take off, and more so a Fokker, as it is said to be more difficult to raise.
    After taxi-ing up and down the field a couple of times, Pilot Cook gave the ship the "gun" to take off. Before getting off the ground, at the lower end of the field, a wheel became loose or broke off the under-carriage. The plane catapulted off the field and into a deep depression just off the end of the field.
    The plane was completely put out of commission with the undercarriage damaged. The propeller was bent and the fusilage of the body of the ship torn off.
    Pilot Cook and passengers will be flying today to Whitehorse aboard a White Pass plane.

[Editor's note: Actually, half the passengers flew with Jesse Rice in White Pass Fairchild AXJ, the rest with Everett Wasson in Fairchild AXK]