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Photos of the Catholic Cemetery at Fort Simpson, NWT

Catholic Cemetery at Fort Simpson, NWT
In this cemetery 398 people have been buried between 1916 and 1957.
150 youngsters from all settlements (1 to 10 years old)
248 adults:
  97 from Fort Simpson
  20 from Fort Good Hope
  41 from Fort Norman
  39 from Fort Liard
  39 from Fort Providence
  6 from Fort Franklin
  6 from Fort Wrigley

Religious buried in this cemetery:
  Father X. G. Ducot, O.M.I.: 68 years, died August 17, 1916
  Father F. Moisan, O.M.I.: 75 years, died April 9, 1955
  Sister C. Lecou, S.G.M.: 30 years, died October 6, 1920
  Sister Marie, S.G.M.: 67 years, died June 18, 1934
  Sister Bourcier, S.G.M.: 77 years,. died June 15, 1937

Be mindful, O Lord, of thy servants and handmaids, who are gone before us with the sign of faith, and sleep in the sleep of peace. (Canon of Mass)

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Catholic Cemetery at Fort Simpson, NWT