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Northern Cemeteries and Graves

A Guide to Forty Mile, Yukon

Cemeteries and Graves at Forty Mile, Yukon

by Murray Lundberg

Unmarked grave at Forty Mile, Yukon
This unmarked grave stands beside the trail leading to the historic Forty Mile townsite.

    According to the booket " Forty Mile Ch'ëdä Dëk" (pdf, 1.9MB), there were 5 cemeteries around the community in the 1890s.

    We have only had a brief look at the townsite, and have not gotten to any of the cemeteries yet. Wooden markers in the main half-acre cemetery, the only one on the heritage park maps, span the years between 1896 and 1915. About 30 meters west of the cemetery are 2 structures that may have been used to store bodies in the winter when the ground was frozen.

    The Clinton Creek Historical Society maintained the cemetery in the 1970s, however only 6 of the 46 markers have legible inscriptions. The Yukon Order of Pioneers symbol is evident on 3 of them, those for Barney Hill, Joseph Navarro, and L. D. Stearns.

  • DAY, Mrs. Mary (ca. 1868-1896)
  • HILL, Barney (?-1896)
  • NAVARRO, Joseph (?-1896)
  • STEARNS, L. D. (?-1906)
  • ANDERSON, Mary (ca. 1877-1912)
  • PURDY, Homer and Ralph (1915-1915)