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Northern Cemeteries and Graves

A Guide to Fort Selkirk, Yukon

Fort Selkirk First Nation Cemetery, Yukon

by Murray Lundberg

Fort Selkirk First Nation Cemetery, Yukon

    There are 2 or 3 cemeteries at Fort Selkirk, depending on how you define a cemetery. The Fort Selkirk Cemetery is the cemetery for non-Native people, located in the forest at the upriver end of the community. Within this cemetery is the Yukon Field Force Cemetery, for the 3 members of the Canadian Army's Yukon Field Force who died while serving in Fort Selkirk. The other cemetery is the Fort Selkirk First Nation Cemetery, for Native people - it is located at the opposite (downriver) end of the community. There are also an unknown number of other unmarked gravesites scattered throughout the town.

    There are approximately 100 gravesites visible at the Fort Selkirk First Nation Cemetery, but we have only found 3 which have a name visible. Most of the graves have a metal tag with a number on it. Below the 3 identified gravesite photos are other photos of various sections of the cemetery.

Joy Kathleen

Born at Aug 12th 1838
Died at Oct 1938

Gladys Rose Baum

Died ... /12

A close view of the headboard can be seen here.

Bessie Ellis

July 1924 - Aug 2002

I've decided to follow my Saviour. I opened my heart, I heard Him say
No going back. No going back.

This sign pointing to the cemetery is beside St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church.

Most of the gravesites have a numbered tag on them. This is grave #43.

Several of the graves, including, in the background, the one for Paul James, who died in 1900.

One of several barely-visible gravesites.