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Canol Road Rest Area, Yukon

by Murray Lundberg

Campgrounds and Rest Areas in the Yukon

    At Km 1295 (Historic Mile 835) of the Alaska Highway, the Canol Road, or "South Canol", leads off to the north. A hundred meters/yards up the Canol is a large rest area with outhouses, several old trucks, and a small deck with several interpretive panels. Across the road is a large gravel area suitable for boondocking rigs of any size.

    The South Canol is a gravel road that gets increasingly rough as you proceed north - there are no services until reaching Ross River, 226 km away, and services there are minimal. The road is closed in the winter.

Canol Road Rest Area, Yukon
A broad view of the rest area.
Canol Road Rest Area, Yukon
The rest area from the deck.
Canol Road Rest Area, Yukon
The rest area in late winter - this photo was shot on April 3.