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Nisutlin River Delta National Wildlife Area, Yukon

Campgrounds and Rest Areas in the Yukon

    Small boats can be launched at the Nisutlin River Recreation Area, which is accessed from Km 67 of the Canol Road. It is marked as the Canol Road boat launch on the map below - it and the text that follows are on a sign at the Nisutlin River Recreation Area.

    If you travel down the Natasin River (Nisutlin River), or up Nisutlin Bay you will enter the Nisutlin River Delta National Wildlife Area (NWA). National Wildlife Areas are federally protected lands under the Canadian Wildlife Act and Wildlife Areas Regulations. Certain restrictions on human activities apply, some of which are summarized here.


    The Nisutlin River Delta NWA was established in 1995 as part of the Teslin Tlingit Council land claims settlement The NWA protects wildlife and their habitats while recognizing and protecting the Teslin Tlingit's traditional and current uses of the land. The large river delta within the NWA is an internationally important fall staging area for migratory waterfowl, and the river valley supports one of the largest concentrations of breeding Trumpeter Swans in Canada.

What can I do in the National Wildlife Area?

    Most recreational pursuits, such as hiking and boating, are allowed within the NWA without any special restrictions or permits. You can hunt and fish according to federal, territorial and Wildlife Area regulations A motorized boat or a float plane may be used to access the area, but personal watercrafts (JetSki, SeaDoo), airboats and hovercrafts are prohibited to protect wildlife and their delicate habitats. Some activities, such as commercial, industrial, and research activities, have special restrictions and require a pennit from the Canadian Wildlife Service.

Travelling safely and respectfully

    The Nisutlin River Delta NWA is an undeveloped wilderness area with no staff, facilities or services. Potential dangers may include: unpredictable weather, hazards related to river travel and boating, encounters with wildlife. Visitors need to be self-sufficient, well equipped, and experienced in wilderness travel. A satellite phone and emergency numbers are highly recommended, and tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.

    This is a user maintained area. Please keep your campsites clean, pack out your garbage, and bury human waste. Keep your campfires small and respect campfire restrictions that may be in place (1-800-826-4750 Fire Information line). There are some cabins, fish camps, and heritage sites within the area that belong to the Teslin Tlingit. Please do not disturb these sites.

    More information is available at Environment Canada's Nisutlin River Delta National Wildlife Area page.