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Arctic & Northern Birds

Alaska Bald Eagle Festival
This annual celebration of the gathering of eagles along the Chilkat River at Haines is held in mid November.

Alaska mosquitoes spreading malaria in birds
Researchers are analyzing Alaska mosquitoes to see if the parasites that cause malaria are inside them.

Alaska Bird Observatory
Closed in November 2012.

Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center
Located in Sitka, this volunteer-run facility's mission is to heal injured or sick birds and return them to the wild if possible.

Alaska's Extinct Species
In the past 200 years, the Spectacled Cormorant and Steller's Sea Cow have both been hunted to extinction on our coasts.

Audubon Alaska
A wide range of information on Alaska birds, the chances of seeing each of them, the best viewing locations, and activities.

Bald Eagle Information
A huge resource by photographer Hope Rutledge, with everything you can think of, from eagle biology to eagle screensavers.

Bald Eagle Viewing
An illustrated guide to some hot spots for viewing one of Nature's most majestic birds..

Bird Checklist - Alaska
Compiled by Dan Gibson, University of Alaska Fairbanks, this list includes 445 documented species and an additional 35 unsubstantiated species.

Bird Checklist - NWT & Nunavut
Designed as a report form to submit, this comprehensive list is also handy to print out.

Bird Checklist - Yukon
Designed as a report form to submit, this comprehensive list is also handy to print out.

Birds of Alaska
The journals of ornithologist Louis Agassiz Fuertes during his trip with the 1899 Harriman Expedition to Alaska.

Birds of Alaska
From the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, notes on almost 50 species of birds.

Bird Watching in the Yukon
From Environment Yukon, regional birdwatching brochures and information about activities.

Ducks at a Distance
A 56-page identification guide by Bob Hines, for the USFWS (pdf, 4.6MB).

The loon, a symbol of the wilderness, was featured on this Canadian postage stamp issued in 2000.

The facts and the legends about Raven, one of the North's most respected characters. An well-illustrated guide.

A compilation of information on the endangered ducks of the tribe Mergini in Alaska.

Siberian White Crane
Information about this endangered species, from Wikipedia.

Skagway Bird Club
Checklists and activities for birders in the area around Skagway, Alaska.

The Spiritual Swan
The beautiful and majestic Trumpeter and Tundra swans have been inspiring Northern peoples for untold centuries.

Steller's Eider
From the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, information on this endangered Alaska duck, Polysticta stelleri.

University of Alaska Museum Department of Ornithology
This database is searchable by genus or quad. There are skin, skeleton, tissue, and stomach samples from 9,000 birds.

Identify birds of North America with a few clicks - they also have an iBird app for iPhones.

Yukon Bird Club
Four excellent articles on birding from Whitehorse to the Arctic Ocean, and a checklist of the 274 species known to occur in the territory.

Yukon Bird Observatories
This blog records activities at the observatories and banding stations around the territory.

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