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An Explorer's Guide to Hudson's Hope, BC

Communities of Northern British Columbia

Dateline: January 30, 2024.

    With a population of 1,105 in 2016, Hudson's Hope is located at 56° 01' 54" N, 121° 54' 30" W.

    A post office named "Hudson Hope" was established on March 14, 1929, then on October 31, 1989, the name was changed to "Hudson's Hope."

    Rocky Mountain Portage House was the first fort built in what is now BC, built by Simon Fraser in 1805 as a base for Northwest Company explorations to the west. Taken over by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1821 as an outpost of Fort St. John, then abandoned for a time in 1825 to punish Indians for the 1823 Fort St. John massacre. Re-established 1874, and seems to have been known as Hudson's Hope or Hope of Hudson. There are various theories for the origin of the name: a prospector with hopes of finding gold; Hudson's hopes of finding northwest passage; and various descriptions of geographical aspects of the valley.

Timeline of Hudson's Hope
The Hudson's Hope Museum has posted an excellent timeline starting with Alexander Mackenzies journey in 1793

District of Hudson's Hope
News, services, and events for residents and visitors.

Hudson Hope - Dinosaur to Dynamo
The visitor guide published by the Hudson Hope Chamber of Commerce in 1969 is 40 pages, full of history as well as then-current information. The original was 11x15 inches in size.

Power generation in the Peace Region
There are 2 hydroelectric facilities near Hudson's Hope and another under construction. The G.M. Shrum Generating Station at the W.A.C. Bennett Dam completed in 1968, and the Peace Canyon Generating Station at the dam of the same name was completed in 1980. Site C is scheduled for completion in 2025.

W.A.C. Bennett Dam Visitor Centre
Open from May until September, this facility gives a good look at the project.

The aerial view of Hudson's Hope below is from Google Maps - click on it to open an interactive map.

Aerial view of Hudson's Hope, BC