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Anyox, British Columbia

Communities of northern British Columbia

Aerial photo of Anyox, British Columbia in 1985 The abandoned site of the community of Anyox is located along Observatory Inlet about 60 kilometers south of Stewart, British Columbia. A large copper mine and smelter supported a population of some 3,000 people by 1914, but in 1935 the mine was closed due to low copper prices and high costs of production.

Aerial photo of Anyox, British Columbia in 1985 These aerial photos were taken from my plane in 1985.

Aerial photo of Anyox, British Columbia in 1985

The photo below shows the working-class residental area of Anyox in its heyday.

Reminiscences of Anyox, British Columbia
This lengthy story by Morley Shier was originally published in the December 1958 edition of Western Miner and Oil Review.

Junior Rangers work to save WWI veterans' graves at Anyox
Fifteen veterans' remains were buried near Anyox, complete with graves arranged by the Granby company. In 2019, a group of Junior Rangers went to Anyox to tend to the graves.

Anyox Hydro Electric Corporation
In 2005, the company signed a 30-year contract to supply power to BC Hydro, from facilities at Anyox and Kitsault.

Ghost Towns of Northwest BC
Anyox, Alice Arm, Kitsault, Port Essington, and Dorreen, incudes much aerial footage shot by a drone (5:28).

Voyage to Anyox
A sailboat voyage to the ghost town of Anyox in northern British Columbia, by a former resident of Anyox and her sons in September 2011 (13:21).

The Niho Land & Cattle Company had a couple of excellent photos of the ruins from the water (they had a piece of land across the bay for sale as of Dec/2002). The photos are still posted here and here.