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Glacier Bay Flightseeing Photo Album

Glacier Bay Flightseeing from Skagway

While the VistaLiner configuration can allow for as many as 22 seats, this aircraft has only 15, 13 of them with windows. When he saw the camera gear that Cathy and I were carrying, our pilot, Tony Haugh, suggested quietly that the two rear seats are the best for photography, but they were taken by the women who boarded just before me. As it turned out, the single seat across from the door is the best, because with a bit of twisting you can shoot out both sides.

Settled into the captain's seat, Tony gave the standard safety briefing, and we taxied up to the north end of the runway. The Twin Otter is a two-pilot aircraft - our co-pilot was Kerry Glavich, who also did the tour narration.

This photograph is © 2007-2020 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
The interior of Twin Otter N232SA